Justice Minister apologizes for jail break

Japanese Justice Minister Yoko Kamikawa has apologized for a new occurrence involving an transient restrained and vowed to fast pull adult measures to forestall recurrences.

Kamikawa hold a news discussion on Tuesday after a transient inmate, who was on a run for some-more than 3 weeks, was prisoner in a city of Hiroshima on Monday.

Tatsuma Hirao transient from a smallest confidence jail in Ehime Prefecture in western Japan, and spent some time on Mukaishima Island in Hiroshima Prefecture.

Kamikawa pronounced that she is contemptible for a worry and nuisance caused to people opposite Japan. She pronounced she generally regrets a stress suffered by a people of Mukaishima, where even children’s lives were affected.

Kamikawa pronounced her method will doubt a 27-year-old invalid about his ground and shun track after a military interpretation their investigation.

She combined she will revisit a jail and influenced areas after in a day to get submit from applicable people.