Just volunteer!

Just volunteer!

There are so many ways that your help is needed.  Prison Ministry is complicated enough because lets face it, folks are scared to walk into a Prison.  I can understand that.  That is why there are letter writing ministries out here.  The lists of those inmates BEGING for Christian Correspondence are growing daily. 

We at The John 3:17 Project are already writing well over 100 inmates, and we have just begun.  What needs to happen is every christian in the US needs to just write one inmate.  Volunteer yourself, tell your churches, tell your bible studies.  It's only one letter.  Plant a seed.

There are over 2.4 Million inmates in the US.  There are over 244 Million Christians.  It does not take a math genius to figure out it only takes 1% of Christian America to make a huge difference in the lifes of the imprisoned.

Help today!!  Volunteer with one of the MANY Christian Letter Writing or Pen Pal Ministries.  Take it to your church.

If everyone helped, there would be no one on the inside sitting alone waiting for 6 months to hear from a Christian Brother or


Visit our Site for more information and to volunteer.  OR Volunteer at any other ministry or website… Just volunteer!

You will be Blessed!

Robert Gary,


The John 3:17 Project


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