June Issue of NIJ Journal Available

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Issue No. 270, Jun 2012

Director’s Message

Cover Story

Solving Sexual Assaults: Finding Answers Through Research
by Nancy Ritter


Collecting DNA From Arrestees: Implementation Lessons
by Julie Samuels, Elizabeth Davies, Dwight Pope and Ashleigh Holand

To Err is Human: Using Science to Reduce Mistaken Eyewitness Identifications Through Police Lineups
by Maureen McGough

http://technospex.com/resources/flexible-transparent-and-robust-sers-tapes-through-a-two-step-block-copolymer-self-assembly-process/ In Search of a Job: Criminal Records as Barriers to Employment
by Amy L. Solomon

Also in this issue:

Preventing Children’s Exposure to Violence: The Defending Childhood Initiative
by Sarah B. Berson, Jolene Hernon and Beth Pearsall

Buy Real Phentermine The Economist’s Guide to Crime Busting
by Philip J. Cook and Jens Ludwig

Buy Adipex Usa Sleep Disorders, Work Shifts and Officer Wellness
by Beth Pearsall

Buy Phentermine In Egypt Bulletin: Publications in Brief, News Notes, and a Latest Research Findings

Geography, Spatial Analytics and Technology: NIJ’s Mapping and Analysis

About a NIJ Journal

http://stradallc.com/2014/10/01/dont-let-meter-run/ The NIJ Journal, published several times a year, facilities articles to assistance rapist probity policymakers and practitioners stay informed
about new developments. The NIJ Journal presents research-based information that can assistance surprise process decisions and urge bargain of a rapist justice

The NIJ Journal Editorial Board

The NIJ Journal Editorial Board is comprised of a directors of NIJ’s offices and other staff representing NIJ’s divisions. A primary goal
of a Editorial Board is to safeguard that NIJ Journal calm reflects a extent of NIJ’s activities in rapist probity research, development, and evaluation. The Editorial
Board recommends essay ideas, reviews breeze articles for calm and clarity, and helps figure NIJ Journal policies.

http://fcsnc.org/our-stories/110-stories-in-110-days-to-celebrate-110-years-of-service-story-2/ NIJ’s Mission

The National Institute of Justice is a research, development, and analysis group of a U.S. Department of Justice. NIJ’s
mission is to allege systematic research, development, and analysis to raise a administration of probity and public