John Lennon’s Murderer, Mark David Chapman: What You May Not Know About Him

Mark David Chapman after he shot John Lennon

Mark David Chapman, how he looks today

Mark David Chapman

Gloria Chapman (Mrs Chapman).

Mark David Chapman was born May 10, 1955 in Fort Worth, Texas. His mother was a nurse and father a sargent in the USAF. He was born with Autism. It has been rumored that he and his mother were beaten by his father. Mr Chapman was bullied in school.
He lived in Chicago for some time and in 1976 moved to Hawaii. He was married Gloria, his travel agent in 1979.

When Chapman came to NYC to murder John Lennon, he lived at the YMCA in NYC, just blocks away from the Lennon home on the Dakota. He indicated to a another fan that she may not see him again the night that he shot Lennon. He had called a prostitute to his room the night before he shot John, just the same way the character does in, “Catcher in the Rye.” Chapman stated that it was little people who told him to do it for he had heard voices. He also had plans of killing other celebrities including, Elizabeth Taylor.
Lennon gave Chapman an autograph 6 hours before he murdered him on December 8, 1980. Chapman did plead guilty to the murder, and since 1981 is serving a 20 year to life in Attica prison, just outside of Buffalo, NY.In 1982, Chapman went on a fast for 26 days until he was forced to eat. He has tried to get out on parole, but he was denied parole 6 times to date.

Yoko Ono had written letters requesting that he never be released. His wife Gloria is still living in Hawaii and has no plans of divorce. She apparently still loves him.

Chapman is quoted as saying, that he wanted the power of fame and that is why he killed John Lennon because he could not get the fame on his own.