January 2012 – My Life – An Inmate’s Testimony


Growing adult in a reduce category family, it’s not easy to get by.  My mom left when we was seven; she left my father with 3 boys and a damaged heart.  He did all he could and some-more for us kids.

My father had a tough time with anger.  It mostly lead to beatings, that in spin lead to his bonds and my drug abuse.  We kids were put into Department of Human Services’ control when we was usually 12.  It was tough, yet it got worse when we were separate up.  we went from encourage home to encourage home, not meaningful what happened to my family or if they were okay.

My final encourage home is where we took my initial drink.  The good news is that my brothers finished adult during a same place.  Then when we incited 14, my mom got control of us.  Good to be underneath one roof, yet we was a spiraling drum coaster of emotions and hatred towards her withdrawal in a initial place.

We altered divided from my hometown a subsequent year.  That’s when my celebration and drug obsession got worse.  Everyone we met did some kind of drugs or was intimately active.  So we wasn’t usually in with a bad crowd, we was into much, most some-more than ever before.

I was 17 when we met my baby momma.  She was different.  She didn’t drink, smoke, or anything else we did, yet she saw something in me no one else did.  we was 19 when she had my daughter.  We had been separate adult for a whole pregnancy.  we didn’t even know she was pregnant.  Didn’t care, really.  All we cared about was my subsequent fix.  Drugs and celebration were all we knew.  we even cheated on my baby momma, that caused a separate up.

We gave it another shot.  This time with a new addition:  my daughter.  we still couldn’t give adult a drugs, though.  we mostly chose them over my family.  we was arrested for offered pot and was condemned to DOWC foot camp.

Being 300 lbs. and unwashed from conduct to toe, they had a lot of fun with me.  we walked out 80 lbs. lighter and purify as a alarm usually to step behind into a universe and burst behind into drugs.

My baby momma did not wish me or wish me to be around my daughter and that usually gathering me deeper in, again.

I was attending propagandize for design when we came in this final time.  Even yet we am here on opposite charges, it was my enterprise to do drugs and splash that got me here.

My whole life I’ve been roughly wholly physically blind.  The usually approach we could see was if we were to flicker and concentration my eyes into a uncanny position.  This is not a usually blindness I’ve suffered in my life.  My whole life I’ve looked during a bad and that has lead me to drugs and drinking, losing my family, losing my rights as a parent, and looking during 25 years in prison.  All before a age of 22!!

When we came into Oklahoma County Jail, we believed it was over.  My life was gone.  we had strike rock-bottom and pennyless my legs.  we had nowhere to go, so we looked to a usually place we saw hope:  Jesus Christ.

He has altered all about me.  Inside and out, we am a new creation; done new each day.

That marinated my devout blindness.

The guys here in OCDC are good guys.  Assistant Chaplain Jorge and a volunteers are amazing.  we felt good usually assembly people with some-more problems than we have and they aren’t even incarcerated.  Ha!  Seriously, we adore them!

It’s still a slight thing for me to hear about my squinting and one day we motionless to go out on a prong and do a thing we now know how to do.  Pray about it.

One day we had a span of eyeglasses slid underneath my doorway by someone withdrawal and a usually thing we could contend was, “Thank you, Jesus.”  Then we attempted them on.  Reading eyeglasses don’t work like medication glasses, ya know?  we laughed it off and told Jesus it wasn’t cold to pretence people like that, but, hey, He was tellurian once too!  Surely a Maker of delight enjoys a good grin now and then.

The subsequent week we had a celly leave and though a day for me and God to be alone, another one came in; a spiritually blind one.  we saw a aged me in all this man did.  After removing to know him, we found out he had a span of eyeglasses that looked appealing.  we asked to try them on and wouldn’t we know it, they are a accurate same medication as a eyeglasses we once used to wear!  we asked him what he would like for them and he forked during a reading eyeglasses and said, “I don’t unequivocally use them.  Those demeanour cold though.”  No some-more squinting!

That’s not all, though.  Every night we have been means to declare to my new celly.  we am really unapproachable to announce that by this blind and damaged vessel, my celly was means to accept Christ into his heart and was saved on Dec 13, 2011.

Instead of saying a bad, we now see a good.  we see fun where Satan wanted pain.  we see Jesus where once there was nothing.  we see light where dark once lived.  we see a smallest deficient prayers being answered.  we see a God who loves His children so most He sacrificed His Son to pardon the sins and who gave one of His children some glasses.

I was blind, yet now we see.

~Jeremy “Jer” Scrivener

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