Jail Impact Ministries

Jail Impact Ministries
Outreach: The idea or vision behind Jail Impact Ministries is to meet the need of reaching the precious souls of men and women whose lives have been interrupted by prison time. Although there are literally hundreds of prison ministries actively serving in North America, there is still a great need to bring the gospel into the jails. According to the Bureau of Justice published statistics in 2003, America’s prison system has over 2 million prisoners in 1300 large prisons and more than 800,000 people in 8,000 local jails. Of course, this doesn’t include halfway houses or juvenile centers. Furthermore, the numbers are growing. Effective prison ministry is needed more than ever!
 History: The courses provided for use in this ministry are published by Emmaus Correspondence School (ECS), part of ECS Ministries. Emmaus Correspondence School commenced in 1942 and is acknowledged as the largest home-study Bible school in the world. Its courses have been translated into over 120 languages and are used in over 100 countries. Nearly 400,000 ECS courses are distributed annually to inmates in North America. Through the Emmaus Prison Ministry, the Emmaus Correspondence courses have a proven track record in jail ministry.


 Quality: Jail Impact Ministries combines the systematic study of biblical courses with the instruction and guidance offered by an instructor. Combining the resources of ECS with instructor interaction will provide student-inmates with solid biblical foundations that can transform lives. Courses have been developed for almost every need: for those with little or no Bible background, and for those who already know their way around in the Scriptures. Many letters on file testify to the personal blessing people have received through these studies. We pray you too will be blessed by the joy of sharing God’s Word through this ministry and the use of Emmaus Correspondence School materials. Further information about ECS Ministries will gladly be furnished upon request.


Blessings: Jail Impact Ministries can meet the needs of your local outreach and be used by God to transform lives. Many inmates become powerful witnesses to their family and other prisoners as well. What a blessing it is to see God work through men and women dedicated to serving Him!