‘I’ve been assaulted 6 times in only one year’: Prison officer speaks out over mountainous assault behind bars

A jail officer has suggested how he has been regularly assaulted by inmates – entrance underneath conflict 6 times given he started a pursuit one year ago.

Ben Blunt was one of hundreds of staff adult and down a nation who staged a mass walk-out on Friday morning amid concerns over “unprecedented” levels of attack and other reserve concerns.

“I consider they’re too mollycoddled today,” he told ITV News.

“Effectively, they roughly have some-more rights than we do. We usually get things chucked during us – and afterwards we’re approaching to go behind in there and understanding with it again.”

The strike was organized by a Prison Officers Association (POA), a trade kinship for jail staff. By 1pm, they were told to lapse to work, with kinship bosses welcoming “meaningful engagement” in talks with prisons apportion Rory Stewart.

Stewart “recognised that a concerns are fit and need addressing”, General secretary Steve Gillan said.

He pronounced he was “confident a understanding is a deal” after a jail use “backed down” over seeking an claim opposite a demonstrators.