Israel starts ‘pilot’ jail visits from Gaza kin for initial time in 7 years

Presenter, Female #1
Israeli function authorities authorised a singular series of family of Palestinian prisoners from a Gaza Strip to revisit their children for a initial time in 7 years.

Presenter, Male #1
The International Committee of a Red Cross ecstatic dozens of a prisoners’ family to Ramon Prison in a Negev Desert, where their children are languishing. The revisit is a initial in over 7 years.

Presenter, Female #1
The revisit comes in suitability with an agreement between a Israeli Prison Service and a prisoners to finish their final craving strike.

Reporter, Male #2
This lady is counting down a mins and seconds to a assembly she’s prolonged awaited. She will see her husband, even if from behind bars. It is a revisit that a prisoners’ family have been deprived of for several years underneath Israel’s orders. For her daughter, a emanate is a small different. She was an tot when her father was arrested 22 years ago. And today, she is older. She has given gotten married, though has not seen him.

Guest, Female #2 (Prisoner Mohamed Nashbat’s Daughter)
We were happy, and we was happy that they are finally permitting us to visit. But during a same time we was sad; we mean, since aren’t we authorised to visit? we am a prisoner’s daughter and we have a right to see him; we final saw him 8 years ago.

Guest, Female #3
I’ve never been authorised to visit.

Reporter, Male #2
Hajja Um Ibrahim Barood has a opposite story. She has been prevented from visiting her son for 15 years, underneath a stratagem of security. Today, a revisit brought Um Ibrahim good joy.

Guest, Female #3 (Prisoner Ibrahim Barood’s Mother)
How can we report it to you? we can’t trust that we will see him. we wish to cuddle him, though sadly there is no approach for me to cuddle him and hail him. There is no approach for my palm to reason him; we can’t reason his hand. we can’t reason him and he can’t reason me.

Reporter, Male #2
At dawn, a prisoners’ family who were authorised to revisit were watchful during a International Red Cross domicile in Gaza.

Guest, Female #4
I am really really happy that we can see my son. Very happy! But my complacency is not complete, since my children are not with me.

Reporter, Male #2
Under a stratagem that a revisit is a pilot, it was subjected to Israel’s despotic conditions. Regardless, a Red Cross and a prisoners’ family wish a visits will continue, and embody all Palestinian prisoners.

Guest, Male #3 (Ayman Shehabi, International Committee of a Red Cross Spokesman in Gaza)
We wish that it includes all prisoners in a Israeli prisons, and that visits are available to all families.

Reporter, Male #2
Today’s revisit is an deficient step, though it is headed in a right direction. A step that shows that a prisoners and their families have a prolonged trail to attaining their legitimate rights, many particularly a right to freedom. Wael al-Dahdouh, Al Jazeera, Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza.