Interactive Sourcebook Available for Federal Sentencing Data

Welcome to a United States Sentencing Commission’s (the Commission) Interactive Sourcebook of Federal Sentencing Statistics (Interactive Sourcebook).

The tables and total accessible on a Interactive
Sourcebook are formed on a tables and total available
in a Commission’s printed Sourcebook of Federal
Sentencing Statistics (Sourcebook)
. The Sourcebook
displays sovereign sentencing information from a Commission’s
datafiles. As partial of a ongoing mission, the
Commission provides Congress, a Judiciary, the
Executive branch, and a ubiquitous open with data
extracted and analyzed from sentencing documents
submitted by courts to a Commission.1 Data is reported
on an annual basement in a Commission’s Annual Report and
Data reported in a Sourcebook is limited
to transgression and Class A misconduct cases for offenders who
are convicted and condemned underneath a discipline in the
sovereign justice system. The Commission’s Sourcebook data
does NOT include: state cases, sovereign sparse offenses,
sovereign cases that outcome in all charges being dismissed
or acquitted, sovereign genocide chastisement cases, federal
youthful cases, or sovereign declare insurance cases.

The information accessible in this Interactive Sourcebook only
includes sold offenders and strange sentencing
events. The tables and total in a Interactive
Sourcebook do NOT embody information about: corporate
offenses, pretrial events, re-sentencings, or
probation/supervised recover violations.

The Interactive Sourcebook allows users to re-create
tables and information from a Commission’s printed
Sourcebooks in a series of ways and customize
a immobile tables and total presented in a printed
Sourcebook. Users can select a information included
in a list by selecting one or some-more sold judicial
circuits or districts, and also by selecting a single
year of information or mixed years. For instance if there is
a list or figure in a Commission’s printed
Sourcebook that contains information that a user
would like to extent to a specific district or would like
to total for a sold set of years, afterwards the
Interactive Sourcebook will simply concede a existing
tables and total from a printed Sourcebook
to be tailored to a user’s needs.

In addition, some of a Interactive Sourcebook tables
enclose additional observation options such as a ability to
perspective a information in a list by primary guideline or
primary offense difficulty or a ability to select
opposite difficulty options. The Interactive Sourcebook
also includes a tiny series of tables that are not
now published in a Commission’s printed
Sourcebook (see list here).

For additional information about a variables
used in a Interactive Sourcebook tables and figures,
greatfully see Appendix A.

The initial time regulating a Commission’s Interactive Sourcebook, greatfully perspective a Interactive Sourcebook Features Guide
as good as a Frequently Asked Questions.

Otherwise, go directly to a Table of Contents.

For some-more information about a Commission, a sovereign sentencing guidelines, or to perspective a Sourcebook of
Federal Sentencing Statistics, greatfully click here.

Look for new facilities and extended functionality to be combined to a Interactive Sourcebook in a future.


1 In any transgression or Class A misconduct box condemned in sovereign court, sentencing courts are compulsory to submit
a following papers to a Commission: a Judgment and Commitment Order, a Statement of Reasons, the
defence agreement (if applicable), a complaint or other charging document, and a presentence report. See 28 U.S.C. § 994(w).

2 Electronic copies of a 1995-2011 Annual Report and Sourcebook of Federal Sentencing Statistics are available
on a Commission’s website,