INNOCENCE: Shujaa Graham, Exonerated and Freed from California’s Death Row, Tells His Story

In a video talk with Voice of America, former genocide quarrel invalid Shujaa Graham discusses a romantic fee of being poorly convicted and condemned to genocide in California in 1976.  Graham was convicted of a murder of a jail ensure during a criticism and spent 5 years on genocide quarrel before being clear of a crime.  He went by 4 trials, usually one of that resulted in a guilty verdict.  He initial went to jail for a spoliation conviction, that was also overturned, during age 18.  Graham said, “What has happened to me is over with and done. No one can move those years back, and no one can mislay a psychological scars. No one can mislay a earthy scars. But Shujaa Graham can go on and make certain what happened to him never happens to anyone else.” Graham’s wife, Phyllis, adds that a knowledge of confronting execution still weighs on him. She said, “It’s been a prolonged time now that we’ve been together and he still suffers and we consider there’s still unequivocally ways that he binds on to what that infirm years of your 20s, is your life, of how we demeanour during a world. His were in jail and genocide quarrel and being tortured.” Graham concludes, “Each and each day that we arise up, genocide quarrel is a initial thing on my mind. we can demeanour during my children and demeanour during my mother and contend what if California would’ve had their way, we wouldn’t be here today.”

(T. Hadavi, “For Freed Inmate, Painful Memories of Life on Death Row,” Voice of America, Aug 8, 2012).  Shujaa Graham is one of a 140 people who were condemned to genocide and after vindicated given 1973.  See Innocence.  Listen to DPIC’s podcast on Innocence.  See also DPIC’s Multi-media page.