Inmates of Greece’s limit confidence jail reason protest

by Maria Spiliopoulou

ATHENS, Feb. 24 ((Xinhua) — A organisation of inmates during Greece’s Korydallos Prison, that is housing extent certainty inmates, hold a sit-in on Saturday to criticism opposite a send of an invalid to another jail complex, Greek inhabitant news organisation AMNA reported.

A deputy of a Justice Ministry, who is in talks with a protestors, reliable that there is “an issue” during Korydallos Prison in suburb of Piraeus port, though unsuccessful to elaborate.

The method underlined that all a keys of a cells are in a guards’ possession.

In a post on an radical website, a organisation of self-claimed “political prisoners” including Dimitris Koufontinas, a heading “November 17” militant organisation member who is portion 11 life sentences for murder, demanded a stay of a radical restrained to finish a turmoil.