IN MEMORIAM: Hugo Adam Bedau

Long-time genocide chastisement academician Hugo Adam Bedau died on Aug 13, 2012 . Dr. Bedau had been a Austin B. Fletcher Professor of Philosophy during Tufts University, and is best famous for his work on collateral punishment. Dr. Bedau frequently testified about a genocide chastisement before a U.S. Congress and many state legislatures. He authored several books about a genocide penalty, including The Death Penalty in America (1964; 4th edition, 1997), The Courts, a Constitution, and Capital Punishment (1977), Death is Different (1987), and Killing as Punishment (2004), and co-authored In Spite of Innocence (1992).  This final book, created with Prof. Michael Radelet of a University of Colorado and Constance Putnam (Dr. Bedau’s wife), contained one of a best early collections of people who had been poorly convicted in genocide chastisement cases. In 1997, Bedau perceived a Aug Vollmer Award of a American Society of Criminology, and in 2003 he perceived a Roger Baldwin Award from a ACLU of Massachusetts.  Dr. Bedau was a first member of a National Coalition to Abolish a Death Penalty.

(DPIC Posted, Aug 13, 2012; print from a Tufts University Department of Philosophy).