In his possess words, Bill Farley, OJPM house boss and Cleveland County jail site chaplain

As OJPM chaplains, we conduct to a several method posts any week meaningful that a Holy Spirit will be with us as we share a gospel summary with those sitting before us.  “For where dual or 3 are collected together in My name, we am there among them” (Matthew 18:20). we like to contend that many of a time, we uncover up and see God move as we get to watch and share.

While pastors are speakers, we as chaplains are listeners. We listen to any story afterwards wobble in responses, along with God’s Word and a participation of a Holy Spirit. On a new Tuesday during Cleveland County jail, we had a 24-year-old invalid come in; a 4 year clandestine heroin addict.

Michael had been praying a night before that he would get a possibility to see a chaplain, when low and spy his opportunity came. Michael has six-year-old twins (a child and a girl) and he was impressed in finding a approach to get out of his terribly dependant life. Through discussion, request and a sea of tears, Michael asked Jesus to come into his heart, pardon him for his transgressions, reanimate his addictions and that he would follow Him a rest of his life.

That same evening, we was reminded of a non-contact revisit (behind glass) we had betrothed a male during my church. The new year had gotten so bustling and we had usually lost about this immature man. we called on him and as I looked back over my shoulder we could tell it was really bustling in a categorical visitation hall.

It was 6:00 P.M. when we wrapped adult and by afterwards a categorical corridor was totally quiet. While withdrawal we beheld there was usually one chairman in a room, a woman who looked flattering anxious. we stepped over, introduced myself, and asked her if there was anything we could urge for her about.

She kindly said, “Why yes, urge for my son, he is here in jail.” we asked her what her son’s name was, and she said, “Michael.” The name Michael resonated with me for some reason and we non-stop my Bible to my request book where we keep request requests of any invalid we see.

I asked her, “Ma’am, is your son 24 years old?” She said, “Yes sir.” we asked, “If he  was a serious heroin addict?” Again, she said, “Yes.” we asked, “If he had twins who were 6 years old?” She said, “Why, approbation he does.”

As she indicated there was no wish for him, that he was as low as he could ever get in his life, I was means to let her know, that her son asked Jesus to come into his heart on that really morning.

Oh my, a tears that filled that corridor were incredible. She thanked me over and over and told me she was about to pronounce to him on a jail’s video monitoring system. we can usually suppose a tears from both that ensued in their visit.

What a joyous request we common with any other!

As we also like to say, “You can’t make this things up.” we am so really unapproachable to be a member of a OJPM clergyman team.

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