In her possess words, Cyndi James, Oklahoma County jail inmate

Where did it go wrong?

I ask myself where it all went wrong. Was it when we was 4 and upheld around? Where my physique was ripped and used, a beatings, a romantic abuse, a neglect. Maybe it was when we was 7 and so damaged that we stopped desiring in anything good and only schooled how to survive. Could it have been all a abuse that continued to occur in a system?

How about when we was married during 14 to a 21-year-old selfish, neglectful, violent man? My suggestion was damaged so many times, though my will, my mind, my strength could not be taken. we know now it was given by God. we was full of annoy and loathing for so many years. One day an angel was innate to me. For a initial time we felt a mother’s swell of insurance and love. My heart’s armor cracked. Compassion overran my hatred, adore over ran my anger.

Through a years no matter what was done, we lived for my angel. we was sanctified with 4 some-more angels innate to me. At a time we didn’t know what God had given me. Since, we incited my behind on Him and all His hope. Now, that we have returned to Jesus we know that He gave me behind my heart by any angel sanctified to me.

My wish was given when we unsuccessful to see by my brokenness He never left, we was blinded by my cracked spirit. So, we have to ask where did it go wrong or maybe it didn’t. Maybe this tour was always meant to strengthen what was shattered. Maybe it was meant to assistance me see a pain of my past and any hole it made. we can reanimate now and know who God has always meant for me to be.

Yes, jail is as bad as everybody hears. Though it is also a choice. You can learn to overcome, or we can give in and give up. That is how we know we will be stronger, smarter since of Jesus. Through my pain and by my past, He gave me a will and strength to never give up. To quarrel and pull through. So, maybe in a finish zero went wrong and it’s only a step toward a over journey.

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