Iacam and Interior Ministry Hold Cinema Cycle

Luanda — The Angolan Cinema, Audiovisual and Multimedia Institute (IACAM), in partnership with a Ministry of Interior, started on Wednesday a cinema cycle in a military stations and prisons in Luanda.

The film entitled “O Herói”, destined by Zézé Gambôa, was displayed on Wednesday in São Paulo prison, followed by a muster of another film named “O Resgate “, destined by Mawete Paciência, in a military authority of a Angolan demonstration police.

On Thursday, a programme includes a arrangement of a cinema entitled “Na Cidade Vazia”, dirtected Maria João Ganga, in Luanda jail of CCL.

On Aug 27, a film entitled “Na Cidade Vazia” will be exhibited during Penitentiary Technical School, while a film “Resgaste” will be displayed on a premises of a Anti Terrorism Police (UAT).

On Aug 28, a film “113 “, destined by Tomás Ferreira (Walter), will be exhibited during a section of Delta Forces.

The documentary “MBAKU ” by ‘scar Gil will be displayed on Aug 29 during Viana district’s firefighters school.

The cycle of cinema will finish on Aug 30 with a muster of a film “O Herói” by Zézé Gamboa during a domicile of a Firefighters.

According to IACAM, a cycle of cinema aims to minister to a training of military officers and consort with inmates, providing them information and entertainment.