Hotspots Policing during Bus Stops (London)

Hotspots Policing during Bus Stops (London)

No Effects - One study

Program Summary: This crime impediment plan practical prohibited spots policing techniques to train stops in London, England. The module is rated No Effects. Generally, there was no statistically poignant disproportion in train motorist reports of crime for diagnosis train stops relations to control train stops. The module also had a retreat outcome on plant reports of crime, that increasing in diagnosis train stops, compared with control train stops. This anticipating was statistically significant.

Check Connect Plus Truancy Board (CC+TB)

Promising - One study

Program Summary: This is a school-based module that integrates a case-management horizon for providing amicable support to law-breaker youth. The goals of a module are to urge propagandize assemblage and replenish swell toward graduation. This module is rated Promising. Students in a involvement organisation were some-more expected to have graduated and rebate expected to have forsaken out than students in a comparison group.

Foundations of Violence Against Women (VAW) Online Training Course

Promising - One study

Program Summary: This is a 4-week online training march for people operative or formulation to work with survivors of insinuate partner violence. The march covers a far-reaching operation of topics for building a strong, assault opposite women module and is formed on feminist intersectional beliefs and values. The module is rated Promising. There were statistically poignant increases in a involvement group’s scores on believe and attitudes, compared with a wait-list comparison group.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for Partner Aggression

Effective - One study

Program Summary: This was an emotional- and behavioral-skills encouragement module targeted during adults who intent in assertive function with their partners. This group-format module directed to foster psychological coherence and thereby diminution charge in participants. The module is rated Effective. Participants reported rebate earthy and psychological charge during post-treatment and during a 6-month follow up. These commentary were statistically significant.

Decide Your Time (Delaware)

No Effects - One study

Program Summary: This was a module for ongoing drug-using probationers that incorporated graduated sanctions with incentives to revoke recidivism and drug use among participants. The module is rated No Effects. Implemented in Delaware, a module was shown to have no impact on a successful execution of probation, on re-arrests, or on drug use.

Police-Monitored CCTV Cameras in Newark, N.J.

No Effects - One study

Program Summary: This module is designed to deter street-level crime in Newark regulating closed-circuit cameras, hard-wired to earthy structures, that are monitored in genuine time by CCTV operators. The module is rated No Effects. Results from one investigate showed no statistically poignant differences in shootings, automobile thefts, or thefts from autos. Results from a second investigate showed a statistically poignant diminution in automobile thefts though no statically poignant disproportion in shootings or thefts from auto.

Disorder Policing

Effective - One Meta-Analysis

Promising - One Meta-Analysis

Practice Summary: This is a policing plan to revoke crime and evasion by focusing efforts on unfinished area conditions and teenager crime offenses. This use is rated Effective for shortening mixed forms of crime and delinquency, and rated Promising for shortening specific forms of crimes, including property, violent, and drug and ethanol offenses.

Choosing to Think, Thinking to Choose

No Effects - One study

Program Summary: This is a cognitive–behavioral therapy program, consisting of 14 consecutive classroom lessons, for high-risk probationers and delivered by trial officers in a village correctional environment. This module was rated No Effects. Results prove that participants had a statistically poignant revoke recidivism rate, totalled as committing any new offense compared with nonparticipants, however, no statistically poignant differences were found opposite particular offense types.

Milwaukee Safe Streets Prisoner Release Initiative (PRI)

Promising - One study

Program Summary: This module combines extended practice opportunities and wraparound services for prisoners before and after recover from prison. The module is rated Promising. There was a statistically poignant rebate in odds of rearrests for module organisation participants, compared with a control group. There was also a revoke rate of reimprisonment for module participants than nonparticipants; however, this disproportion was not statistically significant.

Enhancing Resiliency Amongst Student Experiencing Stress (ERASE-Stress) in Israel

Promising - More than one study

Program Summary: This involvement is a universal, school-based involvement for Jewish-Israeli students who are unprotected to a ongoing assault of a Israeli–Palestinian conflict. The module aims to revoke participants’ posttraumatic highlight symptoms. The module is rated Promising. The module was shown to be statistically poignant in shortening PTSD severity, organic problems, anxiety, and somatic complaints.

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