Holidays Behind Bars

My holidays engage lots of food, gifts, friends, and family. The comparison we get, a some-more we suffer a time with family and friends. Holidays seem to be a usually time we am means to lay and speak about a year. Reflecting on what God has finished in any of a lives via a year, and formulation for a future, we share a stories. We any have a favorite food that a family cooks each year. we prolonged for my mom’s pecan pie, and other desserts. While we was eating this year, my mind reflected behind to a group and women in jail where we had ministered on Christmas Eve. They weren’t home with their families. They weren’t enjoying saying a kids open presents. They weren’t eating their favorite desserts. They were spending a holidays, sealed adult behind a walls, alone on their bunks. Their past decisions have caused them to be alienated from their families and a world. It competence have been one decision, or a array of mixed bad decisions, though it has resulted in their benefaction circumstances. Holidays are a sobering time inside a walls. Men and women spend their time reflecting on a events function during home. Here they are again, vital by another holiday by themselves, divided from their families. As Chaplains, we try to say their concentration on Christ and a aloft job for their lives. The offenders are always so beholden for anything they accept during a holidays. How can we keep people from reoffending? we trust a memory of life inside, divided from family is a essential memory to maintain. Being divided from spouses, kids, and family is a vicious trigger that helps keep a person’s concentration on their “higher” calling. Their bad decsion creation routine can be topsy-turvy by their memories of holidays inside.