Getting to know OJPM Volunteer Anita Couser

“‘For we was inspired and we gave me something to eat, we was parched and we gave me something to drink, we was a foreigner and we invited me in, we indispensable garments and we dressed me, we was ill and we looked after me, we was in jail and we came to revisit me.’ “Then a moral will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see we inspired and feed you, or parched and give we something to drink? When did we see we a foreigner and entice we in, or wanting garments and dress you? When did we see we ill or in jail and go to revisit you?’ “The King will reply, ‘Truly we tell you, whatever we did for one of a slightest of these brothers and sisters of mine, we did for me’” (New International Version 1984, Matthew 25:35-40).

I am always glad, when we review this passage, that we am a partial of a jail ministry. Bro. Clarence Harmon is a longtime member and essence leader of a church and has been concerned in a Oklahoma Jail Prison Ministries. In 2000 Bro. Harmon called me and asked if we would be peaceful to be an “as indispensable volunteer” during a county jail. He pronounced they indispensable women that were peaceful to revisit with residents that wanted to speak about devout matters. we suspicion “NO!”… though my mouth said, “Yes.” we went to a jail for a debate and saying a group and women peering out of their cells overwhelmed my heart. we saw people that indispensable hope, deliverance, and that indispensable to know that God is genuine and that He loves them only as they are. we consider often, what if it was me in jail. we would wish someone to share wish with me. My “as indispensable volunteer” incited into any week for roughly 17 years.

As we sat and talked to these women we wanted so badly to see them have what we have. we wanted them to knowledge salvation, and a assent and blessings of God. we wanted them to get shelter from self- drop and bad relationships. we wanted them to be a partial of a church family, stable from a lives that led them to jail. we would leave with a complicated burden, wanting to take them home with me and see that they never went behind to a aged life. Many would tell me they did not wish to leave since they were stable and protected from their aged life.
I began considering opening a protected residence for them and prayed about it. God seemed to slap me up-side a face one day and He pronounced to my heart, “Anita, we are not a answer we am, only lead them to me and we will change their life, and broach them, and be genuine to them.” It was a outrageous impeded carried off my heart. we said, “I can do that! we can indicate them to Jesus! Jesus we are a answer, not me!” That is what we try to do with any lady we speak to, indicate them to Jesus.

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