Foundation of the Prison Is to Be Shaken (Act 16:26) By INPM!

Dear Brethren, beloved Sisters!

Let me share our September 2012 INPM Praise Report:

Serge Taran, Founder INPM discuss with Florida Department of Correction how to forward requests from families of inmates to chaplains to visit with inmates. (Left to right): Douglas L. Gingerich Correctional Chaplaincy Services Specialist; Serge Taran; Alex S. Taylor Chaplaincy Services Administrator of Chaplaincy Services Office, Florida Department of Corrections.

This summer was one of the hottest and driest in recent history in our great country. This might be said of our spiritual life as well; some months, even some years are more uplifting and successful than others while others are simply devastating.

I read a lots mail from you. It comes from mothers, wife’s, children or relatives of inmates trough INPM website. Many of you, dear Brethren and Sisters, write how difficult it is to be separated from loved ones, how horrific it is to learn about the sentence awarded for someone who was simply sometime in a wrong time and in a wrong place. It is especially painful to realize that a member of the family or close friend is behind bars and he or she is still without Christ.

Somehow this avalanche of painful mail comes to INPM in large quantities in late summer, especially in August. I don’t know why. Maybe it is that around school season folks realize that daddy or mom is not taken kids to the school. Maybe it’s more of the burden of the responsibilities of taking care of the family alone.

But let me share with you a Hope that the Bible give us. There are times when we are near deaths door and have no more strength and feel hopeless it is a time we turn to God. He does hear you in your time of need.

Not long ago a mother of the inmate wrote to INPM a little praise report. Her son James was resistant to the Holy Spirit for many years. She had no hope left for her son. After reading one of the our book (Jewels for the Journeyby Jack Murphy) James wrote to mom, “If God was able to turn around life of hard-core criminal with two life sentences, I want that God in my life”. I want to ask you a question; was it a miracle just in that inmate’s life or was it a miracle in his mother’s life? The Bible tells us in Luke 15:7, I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance.

Repentance of James is a true joy for all of us at INPM! I want to share this joy of Salvation of this one prisoner who repented and called on God so that you and our staff will “Praise the Lord! out loud for James.

Just like the Apostle Paul and Silas were miraculously saved in a prison (Act 16:25-26), James was saved from the Prison of Sin. Indeed, this prisoner who now call on our Lord is still doing his time in prison, paying his debt to the society, but we know Christ Jesus paid James’s debt to the Lord and now James is truly free. As INPM mails Bibles and spiritual literature to inmates we see many lonely and forgotten inmates receive Jesus!

Without your daily prayers and generous contributions INPM would not be able to reach out to these lost and lonely souls. Just think of it; there are 2.4 million inmates in the USA alone! Most of them need Christ!

We have so much to do together!

If our Good Lord speaks to your heart, consider visiting this page and select your level of participation with INPM.

Thank you for your prayers and much needed support.

Servicing Him,

Serge Taran,

Founder International Network of Prison Ministries

The World’s Largest Community of Prison Ministries