FOREIGN NATIONALS: Information About Citizens from Other Countries on U.S. Death Rows

New information on unfamiliar nationals confronting a genocide chastisement in a U.S. is now accessible on DPIC’s Foreign Nationals page. This page provides credentials information on adults from other countries who have been condemned to genocide in several states and underneath a sovereign system.  The list includes information on either these defendants were sensitive of their consular rights underneath a Vienna Convention, that a U.S. has validated and depends on to strengthen a adults when they transport abroad.  Some unfamiliar nationals have been executed in a U.S. notwithstanding not being scrupulously sensitive of their rights underneath this treaty.  The new information was supposing by Mark Warren of Human Rights Research.

The latest information includes 3 notable authorised decisions:
– The genocide judgment of Manuel Ortiz, an El Salvadorian on Florida’s genocide row, was reduced to life seizure on a drift of prosecutorial misconduct.
– Erickson Dimas Martinez, an El Salvadorian on Arkansas’s genocide row, was resentenced to life but release after receiving a new hearing since of juror misconduct.
– Abdul Awkal, a Lebanese inhabitant on Ohio’s genocide row, perceived an unfixed stay of execution on a drift of mental incompetence.

(DPIC Posted, Jul 27, 2012).  See Foreign Nationals.  See DPIC’s news on general issues.  Listen to DPIC’s podcast on general issues.