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OJPM prophesy relocating forward

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in a name of a Father and of a Son and of a Holy Spirit, and training them to conform all we have ordered you. And certainly we am with we always, to a really finish of a age” (New International Version 1984, Matthew 28:19–20).

OJPM’s goal matter (Transforming people on both sides of a bars) is what Jesus’ Great Commission looks like personalized for a ministry.

OJPM’s prophesy matter (First apportionment – We prognosticate a method providing passionate, lerned chaplains and volunteers to each county jail in Oklahoma) is what a goal matter looks like as God brings it to life.

This past month, we had dual new method sites come online. The Bryan County jail with Site Chaplain Jesse West and a Lincoln County jail with Site Chaplain Kevin Martin.

We now have method reaching inmates in 8 Oklahoma counties (we are during dual comforts in Oklahoma county) with usually 69 counties to go. If we beheld that we finished 2017 with a financial surplus, rest positive that we are formulation stretched method that will put that income and some-more to dominion use.

Chaplain West is a internal Bryan County priest and has several years of sanatorium chaplaincy experience. He reported in January, “there were several changed souls combined to a Kingdom along with a further of 6 new volunteers. One lady is with Celebrate Recovery and a other 3 ladies are with a Gideon’s auxiliary. Two group who are with Celebrate Recovery are now available capitulation before restarting their ministry.”

Chaplain Martin is a internal Lincoln County priest whose church has been concerned with a jail for several years. He recently reported, “in a past few weeks God has finished good things in a jail residence ministry. We have 7 volunteers during this time. In a past dual weeks 7 inmates have asked Christ into their life. we was means to accommodate privately with one invalid and he rededicated his life to a Lord. God is giving us preference in a jail house.”

Last week we met with a impending site clergyman and county policeman who verbally committed to endorsing a ministry. Hopefully, we will be means to announce a commencement of a method in that jail in subsequent month’s newsletter. This morning we had a phone call from a lady who review final month’s mainstay about a prophesy to have a method in each county jail in Oklahoma. God has laid jail method on his heart and he wants to be concerned in bringing OJPM into his internal county jail.

The Lord is during work. The Lord has given us a commission. Join in with OJPM to move a Christian declare to each county jail in Oklahoma by your prayers, volunteering and giving.

His prophesy is relocating forward!

Unleashing a captives,

Tim Gentry
Executive Chaplain

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