EXECUTIONS: The U.S. in Mid-Year 2012

In a initial half of 2012, 8 states carried out 23 executions. In a same duration final year, there were 25 executions in 9 states. The annual series of executions has declined significantly from a rise in 1999, when 98 people were executed. There were 43 executions in 2011.  Sixteen of this year’s executions (70%) have been in a South, with scarcely half in only dual states – Texas and Mississippi. Seventy-eight percent (78%) of cases ensuing in executions this year concerned a murder with a white victim, even yet generally whites are victims of murder reduction than 50% of a time in a U.S.

Inmates executed so distant this year spent an normal of only over 18 years on genocide quarrel before to execution.  According to a Bureau of Justice Statistics, a normal time between sentencing and execution for those executed in 2010 was 15 years, a longest duration for any singular year.  States have continued to change their execution protocols due to ongoing shortages of certain execution drugs.

All executions in 2012 have been by fatal injection.  This year Arizona and Idaho joined Ohio and Washington in regulating a one-drug fatal injection procedure.

All executions this year have used pentobarbital, a drug not used in executions before to Dec 2010.