Detainee Affairs Ministry Receives European Youth Delegation

Gaza Ministry of Detainee Affairs
receives European Youth Delegation

July 19,

Ministry of
Detainee Affairs

The Ministry of
Detainee Affairs perceived a European girl commission and
informed them about a conditions of Palestinian prisoners
in a Israeli jails. The Ministry also told them about the
suffering of a prisoners’ families, who are prevented
from visiting their kin inside a Israeli

Deputy Minister Mohammed Alkatri, other released
prisoners, families of prisoners, managers and employees
from a Ministry of Detainees Affairs all participated in
receiving a oneness delegation.

At a commencement of
the meeting, Alkatri tenderly welcomed a solidarity
delegation. He explained that a pang of the
Palestinian prisoners in a Israeli jails is partial of the
ongoing pang of a Palestinian people for a past
several decades.

Alkatri pronounced that a prisoners in
Israeli jails are vital underneath formidable circumstances,
especially after going by a open craving strike. He
also forked out that a Israeli jail services are
stalling in requesting a agreement that was sealed with the
High Committee of Leadership of Hunger Strike, that was
brokered by Egypt.

Alkatri remarkable that a pang of the
prisoners increases in summer since a continue is very
hot and a function does not concede a prisoners to have
fans. The function also keeps a prisoners in unhealthy
rooms with tiny windows.

He also pronounced that Israel is
trying to mistreat a universe by permitting a tiny series of
prisoners’ families to revisit their kin in Israeli
jails underneath formidable restrictions and really complicated
procedures, observant this is only an try by Israeli to
appear in front of a universe as if Israel is committed to
human rights. He forked out that a prisoners’ families
should be authorised to revisit their kin in a Israeli
jails but any restrictions or conditions, and that more
families should be available to visit.

The delegation
demands to display a Israeli function violations, adopt
the prisoners means in European forums, and change public
opinion to put vigour on a Israeli occupation.

At the
end of a delegation’s visit, they toured a gallery of
the prisoners movement. The commission saw a models that
the prisoners done while they were imprisoned. The models
express a prisoners pang when they were behind

Translation by Mukarram


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