Cutting Flesh is a New Method of Torture in Israeli Jails

Cutting Flesh is a New Method of Torture in Israeli Jails


Published on Thursday, 09 Aug 2012 13:15


A news released by a Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Detainees’ Affairs on Thursday 9th Aug suggested that a new process of woe is being used by Israeli soldiers and interrogators on Palestinian prisoners during their detain and interrogation.

The Israeli soldiers news it as ‘the woe game’, that is used to disparage prisoners.

The Ministry’s news used a instance of restrained Alaa Issa Odeh Awad, 18, who was arrested on a 19th Jul this year from Beit Ummar encampment in Hebron.

Lawyer Ibrahim al-Araj pronounced that Awad was arrested during 2pm, after an Israeli unit raided a encampment and arrested him while he was celebrating Tawjihi (finishing high school) with his friends.

Al-Araj afterwards described how Awad was eliminated to Etzion troops core and beaten by soldiers during his transfer. As he reached Etzion prison, a soldiers put him on a raise of stones and sand and started violence him during a head. One of a soldiers afterwards brought a vast mill and threw it on Awad’s feet, that done a restrained humour injuries and serious pain.

Al-Araj pronounced that a restrained was afterwards certified to an inquire room, where he was exceedingly beaten and subjected to pornographic insults and curses. One of a investigators brought a span of pliers in, claiming he wanted to cut a cosmetic cuffs off a prisoner’s hands, though instead he deliberately cut his strength and caused him serious pain.