CS Ministries 2008 End-of-the-Year Report

What a blessing it is to be able to share our ministry news and resources with so many other folks through the International Network of Prison Ministries. 2008 was another exciting year for ECS Ministries (formerly Emmaus Correspondence School). Well over a quarter of a million courses were sent out completely free of charge to incarcerated men and women throughout North America. Through the dedicated service of many coordinators and volunteers, ECS Ministries continues to make a great impact for the Lord in jail & prison ministry.
 The ECS Prison Ministry program added several new courses in 2008. We currently offer over seventy courses in English and nearly forty in Spanish. From the salvation message through practical ways to succeed after release from prison, ECS courses reach and teach by means of the Word of God. The quality ECS courses used in the prison ministry are designed for popular, non-college credit use. Certificates of achievement are issued for individual course completion and also for multiple-credit recognition. We at ECS
believe our materials benefit the inmates in several ways. Along with instructional value, we have many wonderful letters on record at our office testifying of the positive spiritual influence received from studying and applying Biblical instruction. Here are just a few from 2008:

"I've gotten correspondence courses from others but yours are by far the best! Keep up the good work. I can see so many lost souls finding the way and light through your teachings." Herschel

"Plant My Feet On Higher Ground has helped with reassurance that my faith and how I've been using my faith is exactly how God would have me use it." William

"I have just finished the Born to Win course and it has been very hard to put it down. It was truly a blessing to learn a great amount about Jesus Christ, sin, and other things I need to know. I will be looking forward to the next course!." Frank

What is happening to me through your courses is nothing short of a miracle. The beautiful thing is that I am aware of spiritual growth following each course completed yet I am still a babe in Christ. Lessons for Christian Living has been my life line to growth." Todd

We look forward to seeing how the Lord will bless the ministry in 2009. Thanks for your prayers as we all seek to provide inmates with various means of support. We area body and each part plays a significant role!

In Christ's Service,

Alan Stoltz
ECS National Prison Ministry Coordinator