Congress Q&A — Jesse Young

Occupation: Business Technology Consultant

Political Party: Republican

Examples of Civic Involvement: Jesse Young is active in his church, participating in jail method services, been President of his homeowners’ association, is a Navy League member, and actively supports YWAM’s Adoption Ministry, by whom he and his mother adopted a child from Ethiopia.

Four disproportion to report your personality: Loyal, Competitive, Decisive, Generous


U.S. Sen. Patty Murray and Congressman Norm Dicks have introduced a Wild Olympics Wilderness Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 2012. If we were forced to expel a opinion on this legislation today, how would we opinion and why?

I’d opinion NO. we have been against to a Wild Olympics offer for over a year, and sojourn so even with a modifications done before a legislation was introduced. It’s transparent a vigilant is not to scold a stream problem, though to preempt destiny use options formed on a arrogance that destiny decisions will inherently be unpropitious in nature. Is it unequivocally a best environmental process to close adult a land — on a fake grounds that a communities can't be devoted — and afterwards tell a rest of a universe what to do with a land? Certainly not. If we are truly endangered about a sourroundings afterwards it is a avocation to uncover a rest of a universe how to do it. We’ve always led by example, and now is no time to stop. We can respect a land though putting it off boundary to a people. This offer will cost a 6th District good joist jobs.

Grays Harbor County has had double number stagnation given 2008 and is consistently one of a top in a state. What specific, new ideas do we have to assistance coax pursuit expansion in this farming area?

Grays Harbor County is developed with intensity for pursuit expansion and is ideally situated to take advantage of a rising Pacific Rim trade economy. It is also positioned to play a pivotal purpose in a appetite arena. We usually need a right leaders who will work to unbind a businesses and a Port from over-burdensome regulations. Many are unknowingly that a low H2O pier in Aberdeen is a closest on a West Coast to all Pacific trade routes and can play a heading purpose in exporting tender element and bulk goods. Not usually will this move unfamiliar dollars to a shores, though also good, blue collar, family-wage jobs to a Harbor. It’s a contrition that a EPA is thwarting private efforts to deposit in a village to build out a third depot during a Port. This is costing us jobs, and ironically, harming a sourroundings while claiming to strengthen it. Did we know that by exporting a purify spark to China we can assistance revoke their damaging outlay by 50 percent? Surely, we can find a approach to ride spark (or other resources) that will not be unpropitious to a atmosphere or water. Additionally, a 6th District’s healthy resources go over timber. The new proclamation of scrutiny for healthy gas nearby Montesano is a primary example. We also have intensity for oil, metals and minerals in a district. we trust that we can precedence these while during a same time display a rest of a universe how to strengthen a sourroundings in this age of technology. To do so will not usually be honest to a land, though also essential for a families, tiny businesses and economy. There is no reason that Grays Harbor shouldn’t be heading a state in mercantile growth. We’re unique; we will work tirelessly to assistance us perform a potential.

Why do we trust your one voice can make a disproportion among such a narrow-minded order in Washington, D.C.?

I’m a organisation follower in menial leadership. we will lend my extended and singular tellurian business knowledge in industries such as finance, health care, technology, aerospace and appetite to assistance others accomplish their goals. When one serves, one has an event to be effective. When one becomes effective, one has an event to lead. Through competent knowledge and menial caring I’ll be an effective Congressman for both a 6th District and a republic as a whole. This doesn’t meant compromising my principles, though by anticipating common belligerent and assisting others grasp their objectives, we will allege a means of a 6th District. My debate has been about expelling a “R” vs. “D” tongue that has led to a problems we now face. we truly trust we contingency demeanour for solutions, not opportunities to mud-sling or indicate fingers.