Colombia wants to stop jail overcrowding

Colombia’s Justice Ministry announced Friday new measures to stop a problem of overcrowding in a country’s prisons.

Justice apportion Ruth Stella Correa pronounced home detainment and a send of prisoners from packed prisons to others represented a initial step toward this goal.

“One of a initial acts to be achieved will be a accomplishment of a emigration devise from some prisons to others presenting reduction overcrowding,” pronounced a minister.

Colombia’s jail institute, Inpec, pronounced it had already begun a send of 800 inmates from Bogota’s and Cali’s “La Modelo” prisons to other apprehension centers. By Oct this year over 2,000 some-more prisoners would have been moved, Inpec said.

“In sequence to attain with we will need a partnership of a judges and a courts in a discerning response to these petitions,” Correan said.

Many of Colombia’s prisons have prolonged been deliberate overcrowded.  The Bellavista prison, located in Colombia’s second largest city Medellin, is built to hoop some 2,400 inmates, though had a jail race of over 7,700 in 2012.