Children Visiting their parents in Uganda Prison

Last year when Joshua (14 years now) was reporting to school (Wells of Hope
Academy) for the second term, he was given a loaf of bread to take to his
father ,Charles who is on death row .Since our children visit their
parents in prison once in a term of three months, Joshua had to wait for
another 7 weeks before he could visit his father and give him the Bread .

Joshua’s mother had thought that we would take the children to see their
parents in prison a day after they report to school,so that is why she gave
the bread to Joshua and a letter to deliver to his father during the visit.

When they assembled to get into the bus to go,we were amazed to see that
Joshua was carrying bread as old as 7 weeks along with his school report
and the letter from his mother .It was tightly packed in a polythene bag.
When asked, Joshua said that, when he was leaving home at the beginning of
the term, he was given this bread by his mother to take to his father. He
was sad when we told him that he was not going to take the bread to prison
because it had gone bad, so we counseled him, before we could throw away the

Since they take years to visit Charles in Prison, relatives back home
benefit from Joshua’s visit to send letters to him and to find out how he
is fairing in prison. Charles, Joshua’s father hails from Lira, Northern
Uganda and has been in prison for close to 11 years.

Before Joshua came to Wells of Hope, the relatives Back home, thought
Joshua’s father had already been hanged. So,Joshua ‘s visit is the source of
Hope for the relatives, they will always get to know that he is not yet

On the 5th July 2012,which is on Thursday, the children will be visiting
their parents in prison. This is the second visit in the year. Please pray
for financial provision to enable us to transport all the children.

Children visiting their parents in prison is one thing children and their
parents in prison look forward to, and it’s the highlight of what goes on
here at Wells of Hope.

Our Children are already counting the days to the visit.

Francis Ssuubi

Executive Director

Wells of Hope Ministries