Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy Annual Symposium to be Held in August

The 2012 CEBCP Annual Symposium will be hold Aug 13-14. The thesis of this year’s conference is “Translating Research into Practice.” Registration is now open.

Monday, Aug 13th: Symposium Workshops co-sponsored by a CEBCP and a Cochrane Collaboration College for Policy

9:30am- 2:30pm: Concurrent Workshops (lunch included*)

  • Policing Training Workshop sponsored by a Bureau of Justice Assistance-funded Matrix Demonstration Project and led by Cynthia Lum and Christopher Koper in partnership with mixed law coercion agencies. This seminar explores ways to institutionalize policing investigate into use and will be quite useful for military practitioners meddlesome in implementing research-based strategies on a daily basis.
  • Evidence Synthesis Training Workshop– led by David Wilson and Charlotte Gill of a CEBCP and Catherine Gallagher of a Cochrane College for Policy, this seminar is designed for those meddlesome in training how to control both Campbell systematic reviews and Campbell fast reviews.

*Lunch sponsored by a CEBCP and a Cochrane College

2:30pm – 3:50pm: (for all participants)

  • Special Session on Evidence Translation– featuring Chantelle Garritty and David Moher from Knowledge to Action, a partnership between Champlain Local Health Integration Network and a University of Ottawa, and Ron Haskins (Brookings Institute), presenting his work from a William T. Grant Foundation’s Use of Research Evidence Grants.

Tuesday, Aug 14th: Symposium Panels, Awards Luncheon, and Keynote Roundtable

  • Panels on “Place-Based Research and Implications for Practice”– led by David Weisburd and featuring scholars from Temple University, Simon Fraser University, a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, a Netherlands Institute for a Study of Crime and Law Enforcement, and George Mason University.
  • CEBCP Awards Luncheon featuring a 2012 inductions for a Evidence-Based Policing Hall of Fame and a display of a 2012 Distinguished Achievement Award in Evidence-Based Policy 
  • Special Translational Criminology Panel led by Laurie Robinson featuring Denise O’Donnell (BJA), Robert Boruch (University of Pennsylvania), Peter Neyroud (Cambridge University), Gerben Bruinsma (NSCR), Arthur Wallenstein (Montgomery County Department of Correction and Rehabilitation).

Specific bulletin will be expelled shortly.