Jail Impact Ministries

  Jail Impact Ministries   Outreach: The idea or vision behind Jail Impact Ministries is to meet the need of reaching the precious souls of men and women whose lives have been interrupted by prison time. Although there are literally hundreds of prison ministries actively serving in North America, Read more

Life Beyond the Cell

“Last May, I retired from my position as a senior editor at The New York Times in order to fully embrace my new company, Resilience Multimedia., and to raise my own voice as an advocate for the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated. These days, as I read the stories that will find Read more

Join Pen-Pal Group before Christmas!

We have a pen-pal group where 300 subscribers see their service to the Lord in ministry through mail. If you are one of those who requested a card, a letterer to the inmate or any other help - it is your turn HELP OTHERS! Make this Christmas not only a Holiday for yourself, but start helping others, Read more

Penpals For Women Needed

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I want to E-mail everyone in hopes of getting some help. Up until now, Pen Pal Connection has been able to find pen pals for the ladies incarcerated within a couple of months. But now we have more womenasking for help, the women have been waiting about 6 months Read more

Just volunteer!

Just volunteer! There are so many ways that your help is needed.  Prison Ministry is complicated enough because lets face it, folks are scared to walk into a Prison.  I can understand that.  That is why there are letter writing ministries out here.  The lists of those inmates BEGING Read more