Is this ministry really needed?

Judge yourself:

– Over 2 MILLIION inmates in American Federal, State, and County prisons.

– $24,000 per year (average) to house each inmate.

– 70% Recidivism (return to prison) for released adult and juvenile inmates.

– For inmates who receive Christ and find a church when released, less than 10% return to prison! 

Show Hidden Files in Windows 8

I am Microsoft Beta tester since 1993.
Here is my new toy and some guesses and findings in new labyrinth of upcoming MS operational system.
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Serge Taran
How To Show Hidden Files in Windows 8
Method [1]: Using the Control Panel to change Folder Options
  • Press the following keys in the same time: Win+R
  • Insert the following and press ENTER: control
  • Old Control Panel opens. In upper right corner, in View by: change to Large icons
  • Click on Folder Options
  • From the top select the tab View and check Show hidden files, folders and drives
  • Click on Apply to save your settings
Please try the following if you’d like to see Control Panel on your Desktop in the future
Method [1]: Using the Control Panel to change Desktop Icons
  • From the Metro UI, Select Desktop
  • Right-click a blank space in the desktop and select Personalize
  • From the left pane, Click on Change desktop icons
  • Check Control Panel under Desktop Icons
  • Click on Apply to save your settings




Who is the Prison Ministry Audience?

Who is the Prison Ministry Audience?

At-risk youth:


Adult inmates:

Schools, community groups:

 Join us in this incredible opportunity to learn how to share your faith with no fear and to became a soul-winning Evangelist for Christ!

 Here is a list of our Crusader Ministries. Contact  them to join Christ’s Force behind bars!

If YOUR prison ministry is not listed yet, join INPM here:

Is it Safe to go to Prison?

Champions for Life reports:

• In over 35 years of ministering in prisons and jails there has never been a problem or mishap.

• Inmates are on their best behavior and really appreciate the Champions  for Life activities, entertainment, chances to talk with the volunteers from outside.

It is safe! Just follow all the rules and obey administration’s commends.

Go go to prison ministry find a ministry in your area and contact them:

You may also contact Chalpain of your local institution and ask how YOU can be many help in his work.



Is there a Biblical Foundation to Minister to Inmates?

Jesus said, “I was in prison, and you came to me…..”  (Matthew 25:43)

Ministry Partners: Linda Senneker
Ministry Partners: Linda Senneker

“Remember the prisoners as if chained with them…” (Hebrews 13:3)

My favorite is: Therefore if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come (2 Cor. 5:17).

And many, many more!  you can go to Prison Ministry Network and see “Favorite Bible Verse” window, as you hit F5 to refresh the screen you will see more biblical verses that inspire prion ministries to go behind bars.

Serge Taran, Founder INPM


Who ministers to young offenders?

Youth ministry, also commonly referred to as Youth group, is an age-specific religious ministry and is the way in which a faith group, or other religious organization involves and engages with the young people who attend its place of worship, or live in its community. Youth ministry will usually encompass one or more of the following:

  • Encouraging young people who profess a faith to learn more about it and become more involved in spiritual life.
  • Proselytism of young people who do not profess the faith of the organization, but who may have shown an interest.
  • Providing open youth clubs or other activities for the common good of the young people, sometimes without an overtly religious agenda.
In Protestant churches, the term “ministry” often implies the service of an ordained minister or pastor. In youth ministry, however, this is not always the case — a youth ministry leader may be an ordained member of the clergy, an employed lay person, or a volunteer. Titles applied to youth ministry leaders vary widely as well, even within denominations, using terms such as “Youth Minister”, “Youth Pastor”, or simply “Youth Worker”.
Catholic youth work covers a world wide range of activities carried out with young people, usually in the name of the Catholic Church and with the intention of imparting the Catholicfaith to them and inviting them to practice and live out the faith in their lives. Activities in the field range from small scale youth groups attached to parishes or Catholic schools, to large international gatherings, such as World Youth Day. It is a field which has evolved much over recent decades, especially in comparison to more formal methods of education or catechesis within the church. Nearly all dioceses and a great deal of parishes have some form of youth provision running, although a great deal of areas particularly in the developed world are finding youth work both more difficult and rare as the numbers of young people regularly practicing the Catholic faith continue to decline. In contrast, though, the new and exciting developments of recent decades and particularly the influence of the new movements within the church are ensuring that youth work continues to be an active and fruitful field.

As well as organizing events and activities, youth ministry will usually include some form of religious education and a pastoral oversight of the young people.

With reorted more than two milion inmates in the USA alone, YOUTH Prison minisrry becomes a very important filed of evangelism in jails and prisons around the world.

Here is a list of Prsion Ministry groups and individuals involved in Youth Ministry.

Please contact them and enqure how you can be a part of this important outreach.


What is “Champions for Today”?

Champions for Today (CFT) – By using the format of the school assembly, Champions for Today uses former professional athletes motivational speaking platforms to urge students toward making positive lifestyle choices.  These choices reflect a desire to pursue academic and moral excellence and to refrain from dependence on drugs, alcohol and a sexually promiscuous social life.