Is this ministry really needed?

Judge yourself: - Over 2 MILLIION inmates in American Federal, State, and County prisons. - $24,000 per year (average) to house each inmate. - 70% Recidivism (return to prison) for released adult and juvenile inmates. - For inmates who receive Christ and find a church when released, less than Read more

Who is the Prison Ministry Audience?

Who is the Prison Ministry Audience? At-risk youth:   Adult inmates: Schools, community groups:  Join us in this incredible opportunity to learn how to share your faith with no fear and to became a soul-winning Evangelist for Christ!  Here is a list of our Crusader Ministries. Read more

Is it Safe to go to Prison?

Champions for Life reports: • In over 35 years of ministering in prisons and jails there has never been a problem or mishap. • Inmates are on their best behavior and really appreciate the Champions  for Life activities, entertainment, chances to talk with the volunteers from outside. It is Read more

Who ministers to young offenders?

Youth ministry, also commonly referred to as Youth group, is an age-specific religious ministry and is the way in which a faith group, or other religious organization involves and engages with the young people who attend its place of worship, or live in its community. Youth ministry will Read more

What is “Champions for Today”?

Champions for Today (CFT) – By using the format of the school assembly, Champions for Today uses former professional athletes motivational speaking platforms to urge students toward making positive lifestyle choices.  These choices reflect a desire to pursue academic and moral excellence Read more