a tidal wave of Christmas greetings


At this time of the year we have a tidal wave of Christmas greeting to lonely
forgotten inmates that are going though INPM Messaging Center.

If you are NOT a part of it, please, be patient. Just delete them, but pease
remember those in chains this Christmas.

We will STOP COMPLETELY all pen-pal messaging here on 20th of December, as we do
it each year.

Those involved in pen-Pal ministry or requesting mail to inmates, please join
INPM corresponding group:


You may subscribe by simply pressing this link:


To start posting to the group of 280 pen-pal ministries, press this link:


Again, we apologize for inconveniences to those not involved in Christmas Cards
matter. It will all stop on 20th of December. Do not rush to unsubscribe.

INPM Founder

About Teammate Volunteers

Teammates pick up where Champions for Life (CFL) platform speakers leave off.  After the stunts, testimonies and musical performances of a Champions for Life event, the teammates are invited onto the prison yard to share the gospel with the incarcerated.



 Last year nearly 8,000 teammates helped to lead 47,323 inmates to life-changing decisions for the Lord in prisons across the world.  Volunteer teammates are the essential link between our duty to spread the message of the gospel in the world and the programs that we bring inside the walls of America’s prisons.



You too can make a difference by volunteering your time in CFL’s prison ministry , Champions for Today school programs and Ring of Champions youth mentoring program.  The only qualifications you must possess are a willingness to spread the gospel and the ability to read. You will recive extencive training. Also CFL will assign a veteran teammate to train you the rest of the way.



Please contact CFL for information regarding how you can get involved.  If you know that you would like to be involved in one of our prison events, please refer to the event schedule.  


Victories in Christ Juvenile Prison Ministries

Victories in Christ Juvenile Prison Ministries “YouthRedeemed.com” is based out of Rockwall, TX. We are a Christian based ministry who has a heart to share the love of Jesus Christ with the youth of this generation. Our nations greatest asset is the future generations loving one another as Christ loved the church.

We understand that God desires a relationship with all of humanity and that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. We have a love and compassion for troubled youth and know that God will make a difference in the lives we touch. Through Jesus Christ all things are possible!


Making positive lifestyle choices

Many Prison Ministries use former professional athletes motivational speaking platforms to urge inmates toward making positive lifestyle choices.

Ring of Champions (ROC) – Ring of Champions – division of Bill Glass Prison Ministry – uses mentor-youth relationships to create positive changes in the hearts of America’s at-risk youth. By holding events similar to those in Champions for Life’s Prison Ministry, courts order youthful offenders to attend a Ring of Champions event as an alternative to juvenile detention. At these events youth may choose to be paired with a mentor who will meet with the youth to develop a close relationship built on trust. This trust leads many youth to changing the poor decision-making choices of their past into positive choices that last into their future.


NPM Praise Report for 2006

Dear Friends and Family of INPM:
The year 2006 is almost over. It has been a fruitful year in the field of Prison Ministry. We have two million inmates in the USA, one and half million in Russia and its satellites, one million in India. Worldwide, that makes a total of some ten million incarcerated.
If one inmate affects approximately three to five friends and family, that equals a population of a large country of some fifty million people that are affected. They live in the country of �prison�. It is what Satan and his crowd are able to achieve.
But we have the �Army�– it is the Army of Prison Ministries, Evangelists who commit their time and service to the Lord in this little field we call �Prison Ministry�.
Our numbers are growing. As of today, there are 3,800 prison ministers, chaplains and concerned Christians listed at INPM�the International Network of Prison Ministries. Just this year alone we have had 300 ministries to join us on the front line of evangelism.
Approximately five thousand letters have been sent through the INPM messaging system to INPM members. Our newsgroup has grown to 4,000 subscribers and Prison Ministry Press is read in 130 countries by 25,000 subscribers.
You can be proud indeed of this great organization that you are a member of!
In 2006 INPM has made it in all search engines to the first line of search for �Prison Ministry�, �Prison Minister� etc.

Most Prison Ministry traffic goes through INPM now.
Praise the Lord for pouring out His blessings upon INPM in 2006!
Prayer matters for 2007:
It will be our fourteenth year!
So far INPM has been supported by the commitment of the single individual. Growing together, we are truly grateful to this man whose name is known to the Lord and we pray is written down in �The Book of Life�. However, we can no longer depend on the goodwill of the single individual, and we can do so much more!
I�m asking you sincerely to pray this special time of year for hearts to be softened and opened to contribute to the network.
As I write these lines, I�m praying for this ministry, for each of you, and giving God thanks for my helpers:  Kaye Otting – the editor and typist, Max Turkin�the programmer, our European Director�Yuri Korobov, and our dedicated helper who humbly likes to be called "Sister Elena".
Merry Christmas to you ALL!
Serge Taran,
INPM Founder


As Christmas enlightens our spirit and warms up our hearts, let�s all give
our praise reports to the Network for the year 2006.

What has God has done through your ministry? Maybe you are among 10,000
people who wrote to INPM members in past years, so share with us!

It will be a special blessing for me to hear if you are a former inmate and
after release went to the church not to your old crime life. Encourage us
all with your story!

If you are just a one-man or one-woman ministry writing to inmates, tell us
how many letters have been sent through you by the Lord.

If God moves your heart to write your PRAISE REPORT FOR 2006 to the world of
Prison Ministries, please keep in mind:

It must be not a sermon, not a long testimony, just several paragraphs of
your story, ministry successes and a prayer request for 2007. INPM members
are encouraged to provide the INPM page as a web reference. We do not
publish "Nobody KnowsWho.com" links.

Please mention your country, if other than USA or Canada.

All the blessings,

Serge Taran,
INPM Founder


P.S. I�m starting to write INPM Praise Report 2006 right now! I will be
anxious to read yours!

TV Program “Proclaim”

 "Proclaim" is the name of our television program. We bring a television crew into prison during our "Weekend of Excitement" and film our services under the tent. Mike and DeAnne Barber also have the privilege of interviewing inmates that have had their lives changed through the blood of Jesus Christ.

You can watch our program on the Trinity Broadcasting Network(TBN) every Thursday at 11:30 AM Central and every Tuesday at 5:00 AM Central. We are on Promiseland TV(KTAQ) in the Dallas/Ft.Worth region every day at 10:00 PM.

Our first live program from inside the prison walls took place in 1996. Every live broadcast is downlinked to prison units with satellite receivers around Texas and in neighboring states.

Mike Barber Ministries , along with their partners and associates, have launched a nationwide effort to install satellite receiving equipment in every prison unit in the United States.

The State of Texas and the State of Colorado have already approved the installation of satellite equipment in all prisons in the state. Colorado installations are complete, and 127 Texas state and private institutions are on-line. The first three dishes in Oklahoma's prisons have also been installed.

 Prison officials see this project as very positive in helping inmates find direction for their future and are eager to cooperate with the program administration within the individual units. Funds for the project in each state are being donated by churches and private organizations and individuals. The satellite equipment is given totally free-of-charge to each prison facility.

Once the equipment is approved and installed, video programs are scheduled at the institution according to their individual needs. An agenda of the live satellite programs is sent to each unit for its coordination. Special staff training programs are available via satellite for those in charge of juvenile offenders, along with other programs such as medical services for geriatric and aging inmates. These and other programs are available at no cost to the prison system through Mike Barber Ministries .

Mike McCoy, Champions For Today

Mike McCoy, Champions For Today


Our assembly speakers are former NFL players and athletes who are trained to address life's issues. They discuss the importance of character and values and have spoken to thousands of students in school assembly programs across America and internationally, helping them make positive life changes.

NFL players and athletes identify with students by sharing personal experiences. They present the consequences of alcohol, drugs, crime, peer pressure and violence and encourage students to try their best at academics, sports and life.

They talk about the importance of values such as honesty, caring and responsibility while explaining how they have been able to overcome problems in their lives through their faith in God. Champions For Today athletes are ready to speak to your students to give them hope and an opportunity to change.