Dale Schiele and his friends

While many people might scoff at or otherwise distance themselves from high-risk registered sex offenders, Dale Schiele has welcomed them as friends for the past 31-years. “It’s a restorative work,” he said of the friendships. “We’re looking at crime from a restorative perspective instead Read more

Carter Wampler and his ministry

Wampler, 57, from Winter Haven, has spent the past three years in and out of prisons, but not as an inmate. He works for Bill Glass Champions for Life, trying to lead wayward, wounded souls to Jesus. When we die, "we can't take money or material things with us," Wampler said. "The only thing we can Read more

Amber Lee

This talented young woman is an accomplished recording star who has performed on television and radio as well as the 2000 NASCAR Circuit.   Read more

Jack Murphy and his Jewels for the Journey

Jack Murphy gained notoriety in 1964 for committing what was then called the Jewel Robbery of the Century, lifting more than $2 million in gems from the J.P. Morgan collection in New York City's American Museum of Natural History. Actor Don Stroud immortalized Jack, known as 'Murf the Surf', in Read more

Tamra Comstrock

Tamra is a top country and gospel recording artist with Gateway Entertainment.  Her rich and powerful voice delivers every lyric with incredible feeling and charming intensity.  She has sung with many of the top names in Country Music - George Strait, Mel Tillis, Reba McIntyre and George Jones to name Read more

Tino Wallenda

From the Big Top to the Big House, Tino Wallenda brings the thrills of high wire artistry to audiences across the nation and the world.  From the world famous “Flying Wallenda” family, Tino brings his death defying high wire performance to the big tents, on television world wide and now to the Read more