Bethel Baptist Church aims to continue lifting adult Kannapolis neighborhood

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. – A dear personality is gone, though Bethel Baptist Church is looking for even larger things to come.

Pastor Bryan J. Pierce Jr. preached his final oration during a church on Dale Earnhardt Boulevard and Opal Street Sunday.

“It’s one of those bittersweet moments after portion with these people we adore for so long,” Pierce said. “But God has an assignment for me elsewhere. we conclude a adore and support of everybody here during Bethel.”

Kannapolis Mayor Bob Misenheimer announced Jun 22 as Pastor J. Pierce Sr. Day to commend his contributions to a city and community.

Bethel members will opinion on a new priest this Sunday after a year-long hunt process. Four ministers have delivered sermons before a hunt cabinet picked a final candidate, according to Bethel’s deacon authority Bruner Rose.

“The substructure is here for a subsequent priest to do even larger things and to bend out into a community,” Rose said.

Pierce is now a arch executive officer for Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Greensboro. He is operative with his devout mentor, Bishop George W. Brooks.

The earthy impact Bethel Baptist has had on a area can be seen from a street, with a new ceremony core and buildings that mount in what had been one of a lowest neighborhoods in Kannapolis, though Pierce pronounced a church’s impact has been most larger in people’s lives.

There is a new refuge with offices. The former church building now is a family improvement core that hosts a accumulation of activities including a summer day stay for children.

The surrounding area has improved. One adjacent travel was famous as “Tin Roof Alley,” and there was a night bar on Dale Earnhardt Boulevard (formerly famous as Centergrove Road) that was famous for fights and as a hang-out for criminals.

It’s been a prolonged routine from a tiny section church building among a tiny houses, many of that didn’t have indoor plumbing into a 1980s.

Pastor Levi Reid, owner of a Bethel Baptist, ceaselessly speedy a church to squeeze homes in a area as they became available.

Eventually a church had some-more than 45 parcels in a neighborhood, pronounced Rose, who has been a member given 1976. The church combined a parcels into dual properties after a City of Kannapolis suggested it.

When Pierce came in June, 1999, a church was assembly in a multi-use building that now is a Enrichment Center. Rose pronounced there was station room usually a initial Sunday.

“God has sanctified us and we have seen a Kingdom of God grow,” Pierce said.

The jail method in Rowan County is an instance of a church’s work. Pierce and members of a church accommodate with a inmates and also yield videos of a Bethel services.

In a past 10 years, Bethel Baptist has baptized about 300 people, Pierce said.

When Pierce came to a church, membership was fewer than 250 people. It has grown to some-more than 600 members, Rose said.

“He was anointed. That’s a word that comes to mind. He was an anointed as a reverend and a clergyman and everybody knew it from a initial sermon,” Rose said.

Pierce combined some new programs during a church and helped build adult others that were already there, Rose said.

A local of New Orleans, Pierce pronounced he was gratified when Bethel non-stop a arms to acquire and assistance people relocating to Kannapolis after Hurricane Katrina.

One module started by Pierce was called “Bust A Move Monday.” Church members spent their income during village businesses.

“We were means to assistance dozens of tiny businesses,” Pierce said.

Bethel hosts open gym nights for basketball and summer camps for children. The church became horde for a area village watch.

No matter who a priest is, a goal of Bethel Baptist Church is a same, Rose said. “We will continue to feed a hungry, dress a exposed and revisit a prisoners. That is a Gospel message. It is what we are here to do,” Rose said.

Sunday’s opinion will start a subsequent section during Bethel Baptist Church.

“We’re assured a new personality will take this method to even larger levels,” Pierce said.