Author to speak about Christian ministries in prisons

PORT HADLOCK — Author Tanya Erzen will pronounce about Christian jail ministries being on a arise in a giveaway display during 6:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Her talk, “God Behind Bars,” that is partial of a Inquiring Minds series, will be during a Jefferson County Library, 620 Cedar Ave., Port Hadlock.

Erzen’s latest book, “God in Captivity: The Rise of Faith-Based Ministries in an Age of Mass Incarceration,” is a outcome of her investigate of a U.S. jail system.

The method transformation inside prisons has grown exponentially in new decades. She examines a amicable implications and tellurian stories behind this rising trend.

Erzen also raises questions about subdivision of church and state, coercion, disposition toward one faith, and what constitutes effective reconstruction practices.

Erzen is an associate investigate highbrow in sacrament and gender odd studies during a University of Puget Sound, and a executive executive of a Freedom Education Project of Puget Sound, an classification that brings college classes to women in Washington prisons.

Her work focuses on intersections between sacrament and faith in American politics, with a concentration on sacrament and conservatism in U.S. correctional systems.

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