August 2012 – Inmate’s Testimony

As a kid, we grew adult mostly with one parent.  My relatives got divorced when we was about six.  we altered from California to Minnesota with my mom.  we was homeschooled adult to ninth grade.  we grew adult going to church and my mom was always around.  Once we got into high school, it all started going downhill.  we always played sports flourishing up.  we started celebration with my teammates from my high propagandize football group and afterwards started smoking marijuana.  we was only celebration and smoking each once in a while, afterwards after on we quit personification football for drugs and alcohol.  All we wanted to do was drink, do drugs, and party.

Then, as shortly as we incited eighteen, we left home and only stayed wherever we finished adult that night.  we was removing dipsomaniac and high bland and we would take ethanol bland given we wasn’t aged adequate to buy it myself.  we got a pursuit with a crony doing landscaping.  we was celebration and doing heroin on a job.  we suspicion we was doing good:  we had a job; we was renting a trailer; and we was creation flattering good money.  But we did not comprehend how bad off we unequivocally was.

I was staying with one of my friends during his cousin’s unit and finished adult removing arrested for possession of a stolen automobile and connected out.  we altered behind to a same place with my friend.  Not prolonged after that got a DUI.  we perceived a deferred judgment for a stolen automobile and DUI.  we went behind home with my mom and my step-dad and still was celebration unequivocally heavy, going to parties each night.  Then we got another DUI and this time, we was condemned to RID – Regimented Inmate Discipline.  we was in RID for about 9 months and got out in Aug 2011.  we did good for a few days, and afterwards became worse than we ever was, when we went behind to a same friends.  we started smoking ice (meth) and celebration unequivocally complicated again.  Three months after we was pushing to a store and we was dipsomaniac and a military automobile pulled adult behind me and incited on a lights.  we motionless to only run and try to get away.  we could have died, going 100 + by a center of Edmond, though we didn’t.  God wanted me alive; He has a devise for me.

I came to Oklahoma County Jail and motionless to go to a Chaplain’s bureau one day.  we recommitted my life to Christ.  Ever since, things have been removing better.  I’m finished with drugs and drinking.  My whole opinion has changed.  we have been pity God’s Word with other people in a jail and am intensely meddlesome in a Bible.  I’m now operative in a Chaplain’s bureau and am shortly gonna be going to rehab.  There is a priest that will be assisting me by it all a approach and assisting me when we get out of rehab.  When we get out we wanna assistance others find a Lord and make a difference.


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