Arizona Missions outing in Jun 2017

Greetings Winners,

Joe Avila, Josh Sturdavant and we only returned home late final night from an implausible weekend in Arizona. We ministered in 4 prisons, dual churches and did a sum of 8 services in dual and a half days. we feel physically and spiritually exhausted!

We started a method tour Friday dusk during Phoenix West Prison. We had 43 group present. One masculine gave his life to Jesus and 12 group rededicated their lives. (it is a blessing when we hear staff make comments that COPS method is anointed and opposite than a lot of other ministries that come in).

We got adult early Saturday morning, and for some reason, we all felt like we did not get adequate sleep. We gathering approximately 1.5 hours to Florence State Prison. We have never been to this one before. This jail was built in 1903. We met adult with a wonderful, feisty Chaplain, Chaplain Bennett. (She called me currently and pronounced that a group desired a services and can’t wait to have us come back).

Our initial use there was during a East facility. We had 41 group present. Most of these group were believers and some of them were lifers. This was a fun church service. One masculine came brazen to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior and 5 group rededicated their lives to a Lord.

We had some downtime so we pennyless for lunch and we had a pleasure of carrying Chaplain Bennett join us. It was good to get to know her improved and build another attribute with COPS ministry.

After lunch, we went to a Central unit. We were astounded we got to go in since progressing that morning an invalid assaulted an officer. This apportionment of Florence Prison is where a genocide quarrel housing section is and a inmates here are aloft control inmates. (Chaplain Henderson after pronounced he was astounded we could go to this unit).

68 group came to this service. Very hardcore inmates. One man did not have any skin display on his face as it was totally lonesome in ink. We could feel a tragedy in this use and we felt stirred to ask a group present, that if they were there to control their “prison business” to leave. Interestingly adequate a invalid we only described along with a invalid sitting subsequent to him got adult and eventually left. (After they left we pronounced appreciate you, Lord).

After Joe taught a summary approximately 50 group stood adult to rededicate their lives to Jesus and 9 group perceived Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
We had to burst in a lorry and expostulate to Butte Arizona for a dusk use in Lewis Prison. This was a dual and hour drive. JFI, Lewis Prison had a longest warrant takeover in a story of a United States. Two Officers were hold warrant for 15 days and awful things happened to both a masculine and womanlike officers during a takeover. When people listened we were going to Lewis they said, “be careful, be careful.” Really, are they perplexing to weird us out 😊

This use incited out to be a smaller use with 10 men. Two of them rededicated their lives to a Lord. This too was a good use with believers.

On a approach behind to Phoenix, we went to a Cancer Hospital of America where a crony Pastor/Chaplain Grammer is. As many of we know he was diagnosed with Pancreatic and stomach cancer. The alloy private half of his Pancreas and all his spleen. After a surgery, he was told that a formula came behind and he is totally cancer-free. Praise God for this healing!!!

On Sunday morning, we went to Pastor Grammer’s church in Surprise AZ. It was good to accommodate a assemblage as they have been blessing a method with a financial concession for a integrate of years now.

I did an tabernacle call after we preached a summary and God totally blew my mind when 4 children between a ages of 8 and 13 came brazen to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. All we could contend to God was WOW! It was really romantic for me to see these children respond. God is so amazing!

We afterwards went to Arizona State Prison Reception Center and met with a crony Chaplain Henderson. We had dual services. Joe preached a best summary we ever listened from a Book of Jonah. 20 group were present, 9 group perceived Jesus as their Lord and Savior and 8 group rededicated their lives.

The subsequent use was a smaller use of 3 Christian brothers so we had a Bible investigate with them.

We brisk off from Arizona to Blythe California for a subsequent church use during Blythe Church of God. Our crony Pastor Clifford invited us to do a service. It was smashing ministering there. At a finish of a service, an eight-year-old child came adult to a tabernacle to ask Jesus to pardon him for being mischievous to his father and mother.

So, to mangle it down, we ministered to 195 inmates in 4 prisons. 20 group perceived Jesus as their Lord and Savior and 77 group rededicated their lives.
And do not forget, a 4 children that came brazen that were saved in a church service!!!

Be blessed,