April 2012 – Inmate’s Testimony

When we initial started entrance to jail during a age of 21, we was frightened and pronounced to myself, “I’ll never come back.”  A few years later, we sat in a county jail again.  we suspicion we was doing good only to keep entrance for assaults.  The outcome:  prison.  And that incited into a revolving doorway that swept me adult 3 times.  It was all a game.  we didn’t caring about jail or jail as prolonged as we had a things that reminded me of a world:  women, drugs, squad friends.  But we didn’t comprehend we indispensable Jesus.

Now here we lay 12 years after going by a same thing:  an attack case.  we might be looking during prison.  But something extraordinary has come out of this jail stay.  This time around we know God.  we found God and placed Him in my life.  we no longer enterprise to do a things of a world.  When we get that titillate we collect adult my Bible and review God’s Word.  God’s high is improved than any other high.  I’m still struggling with tiny areas, though God is still working.

You know, we suspicion we could not have a attribute with God until we got your life together.  No!  It’s not true!  The law is, “We don’t need to put a residence in sequence before Jesus comes in; He puts it in sequence when we let Him in.”

I wish to appreciate a women of a chaplain’s office:  Mrs. Keitha, Mrs. Rosetta and Mrs. Ray for a additional “You can do it!”  we indispensable them.


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