Another restrained dies in Georgia

TBILISI, DFWatch – The jail method on Thursday reported that a calm has died during No 18 hospital.

According to a ministry, a calm was convicted on Jun 19, 2012, for possession and sale of drugs.

The means of genocide is given as heart attack, a most common central means of genocide for prisoners in Georgia. He served during No 8 trickery in Gldani, northern Tbilisi, and was immediately eliminated to No 18 hospital, though doctors were incompetent to save him.

The jail method says in a matter that a debate inquisition was immediately ordered.

No 8 jail was recently in a news, after people vital tighten by wrote on amicable media that a section of special army had entered a jail and pounded prisoners. But a purported movement was never reliable by central bodies, nor did a open defender find any substantiation after immediately visiting a jail and edition a news about a conditions in this prison.

The high series of deaths in Georgian prisons is a source of regard for a general community.