Annual ‘prison’ walk held

They walked the streets with meaning and a simple goal in mind: to bring about change in the streets of Lentegeur.

The Jehovah Jireh Community Outreach, in conjunction with Abakhululi Prison Ministries, hosted their annual prayer walk in Lentegeur on Sunday 22 April with special guests, including foreigners, ex-convicts, residents and visiting ministers.

Orange prison jumpsuits worn by reformed criminals lead the march for one important reason – to encourage youth to stay away from a life of crime.

The walk started at the Jehovah Jireh church in Kreupelhout Street and ended at the Agapanthus park where recent shootings took place.

Dion Klein, a reformed gangster who spoke at the park says: “From a gangster to a community leader. I now write books. I did not know about English and writing, but Jesus showed the way. Before, I was labelled a thief, a tikkop.�

The walk was led by the flags of 50 countries, followed by residents from all over the Cape Flats.

The reformed criminals wear replica prison jumpsuits with permission from authorities.

The walk followed AZ Berman Drive and ended with encouraging talks by some of the former prisoners who shared their stories, as well as ministry by the pastors.