And life goes on…

The tiresome interviews for a subsequent Chief Justice of a Supreme Court by a Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) might have usually wrapped up, with all 20 nominees presented on national TV and radio, and worldwide amicable networks for open inspection and appraisal, any of them put onward as a probable best chairman for a position.

But even as all sights are lerned on a subsequent magistrate, a participation of impeached Chief Justice Renato C. Corona is still unequivocally many felt. Corona’s name mostly cropped adult during a JBC interviews, possibly in propinquity to his argumentative term, his character of leadership, or expectedly, a impeachment trial.

Of course, Corona is examination all these, emphasizing that a subsequent chairman who will occupy his earlier position contingency vaunt pristine authorised independence, that he says is a unequivocally thing that he fought for.

‘I was assured that what we was doing is right and what we was doing is correct. we risked everything. we risked my job. we risked my reputation. we risked my family’s peace, and all we worked for, we risked all for a consequence of principle. The subsequent Chief Justice should so have authorised independence, ‘yun nga ang pinaglaban ko. There’s some-more reason now. That would be required given ang mga haka-haka nga tinanggal ako kasi hindi ako sumusunod sa Malacañang. Hindi ‘yung andun siya para protektahan kung sinuman,” Corona explains.

But while many design him to be relocating on quietly, a former arch probity is surprisingly still unequivocally visible. He might be jobless now, a initial time given he began operative during age 18, though Corona is unequivocally bustling attending to vocalization engagements, with invitations too many to handle. In fact, this speak took 3 weeks to set as we had to patiently wait for a giveaway time in his chaotic schedule. Soon, a calendar of this former law propagandize highbrow will be busier as he skeleton to go behind to training where he intends to serve widespread his advocacy for clarity in governance.

His mood is even buoyed up, he says, by people who uncover him anything though contempt – standard people like a policeman in Zambales and a clerk of probity in Camarines Sur, grill cooks and servers, students, and even a nun who went out of her approach to write his grandson, Franco, a heartwarming minute to honour him for carrying a godfather like Corona!

“The biggest enrich that we viewed was this matter by one of a financial officers in a Supreme Court. Sabi niya, “Ngayon lang kami nagmahal ng Chief Justice, kinuha papa sa amin.” Talagang naapektuhan ako ng mga comments na ganon kasi medyo romantic chairman ako. we am not a standard probity with a unbending top lip. In fact, of all a Chief Justices, we consider we was a one that interacted a many with a employees. we stop and speak even with janitors and messengers,” reveals a 63-year-old Batangueno.

Clearly, Corona has selected to pierce on and pierce forward, putting behind him all a loathing and criticisms hurled opposite him during a tallness of a impeachment trial.

Two months after Corona was handed a outcome and was impeached, he talks to us, cool, ease and collected, so distinct a arrogant, rude, and inhuman chairman that he was viewed (or painted) to be. He says it takes a lot to clap or annoy him, given he simply forgives and forgets, and would rather let things run a possess course, according to God’s devise and in God’s possess time. (Rachel C. Barawid)

STUDENTS AND CAMPUSES BULLETIN (SCB): What occupies your time now that you’re on “vacation”?

RENATOC C. CORONA (RCC): This is a vacation in a clarity that given we started operative when we was 18, in third year college and this is a initial time that I’ve never had anything central to do. College papa lang nagtratrabaho na ako. we was a speechwriter for former Speaker of a House Jose B. Laurel. Kamag-anak namin ‘yun eh; I’m from Tanauan, Batangas. Ninong ko siya sa binyag.

SCB: Are we doing a vocalization rendezvous track given we usually spoke before a Rotary Club of Cebu?

RCC: I’ve delivered 3 speeches already, and mostly, people wish me to speak about my thoughts on what happened. Did we dedicate a mistake, did we do wrong, what about my invulnerability counsels, what did we consider of them? What are my skeleton for a future, what is my family doing?

SCB: Do we see a splendid mark in all that happened?

RCC: My advantage is that my family and we were means to pierce on unequivocally quickly. At a certain point, we pronounced let’s pierce forward. Kalimutan na natin ito, tapos na, let’s not dwell on a past. Let’s not demeanour back, huwag na tayong lumingon. As distant as we’re concerned, all a harm and all a pain we went through, all a lies that were spoken opposite us, past moving na ‘yun. May nagtanong nga sa same sa isang open forum if we was formulation to record defame cases. Ang sabi ko, we don’t even wish to speak about it. To me, upsetting topics ‘yan eh and we have improved things to do than dwell on that or run after people.

I’m perplexing to be a unequivocally good Christian about this. we consider one of a reasons we’ve been means to continue so many abuse and insult and derogative machinations opposite us is a fact that we prayed a lot and called on God a lot to assistance us and to strengthen us. Iniisip naman namin na if we call on God to strengthen you, how can we do that with loathing in your heart? You will have to make a preference to pardon during one point.

SCB: Do we simply pardon and forget?

RCC: When a certain distortion was spoken opposite me, kailanman eh hindi ako naging mainitin ang ulo. Ganyan lang ang celebrity ko. The impulse we insult me or contend bad things opposite me, maiinis ako, pero after one hour makakalimutan ko na iyon.

SCB: On a other hand, who were a people who upheld you?

RCC: The biggest enrich that we viewed was this matter by one of a financial officers in a Supreme Court. This was usually relayed to me. Sabi niya, “Ngayon lang kami nagmahal ng Chief Justice, kinuha papa sa amin.” Talagang naapektuhan ako ng mga comments na ganon kasi medyo romantic chairman ako. we am not a standard probity with a unbending top lip. In fact, of all a Chief Justices, we consider we was a one that interacted a many with a employees. we stop and speak even with janitors and messengers.

SCB: Why didn’t we resign?

RCC: we admire people who have a courage to contend this is right and I’m going to do it. we was assured that what we was doing is right and what we was doing is correct. we risked everything. we risked my job. we risked my reputation. we risked my family’s peace, and all we worked for, we risked all for a consequence of principle.

SCB: You would’ve not finished a Merceditas Gutierrez?

RCC: Mahirap i-compare solicit kay Merci, we can usually speak for myself, and to me, we suspicion we did zero wrong. we had zero to hide. we was peaceful to open all to a Filipino people and exhibit everything, to demeanour anybody loyal in a eye and say, wala akong kinuha dito sa gobyerno, wala akong ninakaw dito. we was convinced. Now, people will say, since did we do that? Why did we do this? Why did we not resign? Hindi ako ganun eh. Ako, pagka alam ko na tama ako, talagang lalaban ako.

SCB: Do we skip your work during a Supreme Court?

RCC: To a certain border we do though we skip a people more. I’m a people person, we adore interacting with people, and it doesn’t matter either you’re high and absolute or low and powerless.

As a matter of fact, a long, prolonged time ago, when we had some-more time in my hands, we was a member of a jail ministry. Every Sunday we would go to Muntinlupa during ang ginagawa ko nun, ‘yung mga nare-release from prison, hinahanapan ko ng trabaho to assistance them confederate into society. we found out when we was partial of that jail method that a lot of their families indeed don’t wish them anymore, generally if they’ve been to Muntinlupa for a prolonged time. ‘Yung mga asawa nila have substantially run off and they turn an additional mouth to feed. These are unequivocally unpleasant comments and utterances that we used to hear. That influenced me a lot. Maybe we can't assistance them as a counsel kasi palabas na hubbub naman sila, though they need some-more assistance in terms of work and opportunities. Some of these people nagbago na talaga, and these are a people that we quite wanted to help. Pinapangaralan ko sila na binibigyan sila ng pagkakataon na mare-integrate sa lipunan. Yung isa nga manager na ng gasolinahan for some-more than 10 years now. My crony who owned a gas hire pronounced unequivocally infallible naman daw.

SCB: With such a soothing heart, how did we final in government?

RCC: Kaya nga siguro we did not final (laughs).

SCB: You speak about how these prisoners go out into multitude with a disposition opposite them. Do we confront a same disposition when we go out in public?

RCC: On a contrary. Talking of these dual broadsheets and this TV network na ginamit laban sa akin, meron pang online during content brigade. At one point, kung mahina ‘yung dibdib namin, we start to trust that you’re a meanest, baddest, many immorality chairman in a world, that is a sum counterbalance and totally opposite from how we see ourselves being treated by people when we’re out.

I still get a lot of texts. ‘Yung policeman sa Zambales, nagte-text sa akin, ‘yung clerk of probity sa Camarines Sur, kinukumusta ako. When we go into restaurants, ang daming propensity magpakuha ng picture. Sa Cebu, when we checked-in during a airport, people were entrance to us. And this happens even when we go to church.

(Wife) CRISTINA CORONA: I’m a witness. we see him and how a people come to him. You can see that they’re very, unequivocally sincere. They come to him and they appreciate him for fighting for a order of law.

RCC: The other week, might nakarating sa aming sulat from a certain Sister Consuelo Celis, from SPC, Saint Paul of Chartres. It was a minute addressed to my grandchildren. It says: To a grandchildren of Chief Justice Corona, generally that Grade Three tyro from Xavier School (laughs). Sabi niya, “You do not know me and we do not know you, though we would like we to know that your grandfather is a hero. A favourite of a Filipino people for what he has done, for what he has shown a Filipino people, for his sincerity, humility.”

SCB: Do these kinds of events absolve you?

RCC: we don’t need to be irreproachable publicly. It doesn’t matter to me anymore. If it comes, let it come, according to God’s devise and in God’s time.

SCB: Are we disturbed about what your grandchildren can find out about we online, of a things that will come adult everytime they Google your name?

RCC: we have a opposite perspective about this. You can write all a sinister and antagonistic things about me, though if it’s not true, it’s not true. we wouldn’t care, kasi we have a right. we might not determine with what we write about me, though as a counsel and a magistrate, we urge your right to contend it. Maybe that is also a reason since we contend kalimutan na natin ang pinaggagawa during pinagsasabi ng mga iyon. Kung hindi totoo, hindi totoo. Kung isa kang taong hindi nagiisip during naniniwala ka sa mga ganong kasinungalingan, aba’y problema mo ‘yun. Hindi ko problema ‘yun.

I consider my grandchildren know me some-more than whatever they review on a internet. we will not even forestall them from reading a lies that were spoken opposite me. we will learn them, and they should learn, a approach to heed what is right and what is wrong. Kung parati mong pipiringan ang mata ng mga bata, paano matututo ang mga ‘yun? They should learn how to heed what is a law and what is a lie.


SCB: You’re formulation to learn again?

RCC: Yes. Teaching has been my life. we am indeed an educational during heart eh. we adore being in a educational community. we adore to write. we adore to read. we adore to teach. we adore to discuss.

SCB: So what are we prepared to tell them or your students if we go behind to learn them?

RCC: There are substantially a thousand and one things we could tell them, both good and bad given in this impeachment proceeding, we saw a best and a misfortune of people. we theory that is a approach it is.

SCB: Are we going behind to Ateneo law school?

RCC: Ateneo is an option. Everybody is charity me… Even De La Salle Law School in Lipa. UST, of course, we learn in a Graduate School of Law.

SCB: The law students who were examination during that time, what could have they schooled from all of this?

RCC: Sad to say, we consider what they saw during a impeachment conference contradicted each law they schooled in law school.

SCB: For instance…

RCC: Like usurpation illegally procured justification – mga small lady; like scuttle-butt justification being submitted. ‘Yung Senate impeachment probity observant to a invulnerability group “O hindi niyo puwedeng i-present ‘yung declare na ‘yun, unahin niyo ‘to.” Aba eh, right namin ‘yun eh! To benefaction a justification and witnesses, pinipigilan kami to present. Nakita naman niyo. Tapos we have to finish. Anong klase ‘yun? Ilan ‘yung conference dates ng prosecution? Twenty six. Kami on a eighth day sinusupil na ‘yung aming ebidensiya. Paano mae-explain ‘yan sa law students?

SCB: You devise to go on a propagandize tour, what will we quite speak about?

RCC: we wish to pull my advocacy of clarity in governance. we consider it is critical that a people comprehend how critical clarity is in a day-to-day affairs generally as they describe to a government.

SCB: Why schools?

RCC: we cite special lectures on special topics instead of doing a three-unit theme and entrance to propagandize 3 times a week. Siguro special lectures na lang, accumulate everybody in an auditorium and describe my practice as a magistrate, as a former behaving executive secretary in Malacañang, and arch probity of a Supreme Court.

SCB: But will immature people listen to something that might not be even applicable to their daily lives?

RCC: You would have to select your audience, those who wish to take adult Law, and even a law students themselves. we would be improved understood.


SCB: Do we feel that a stream changes in a preference routine of a Chief Justice unequivocally foster transparency?

RCC: Well, initial of all, a mandate for membership of a Supreme Court, nakasaad ‘yan sa Saligang Batas. Nakalagay diyan ‘yung mandate and education to that extent, we could not anymore supplement or concede to that. Ultimately, a Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) will be a one to judge. Pretty much, it’s going to be an analysis on either a claimant fits into those education stated. You could be design during a certain point, hindi mo maalis ‘yan, might subjectivity hubbub ‘yan. Like if we were a member of JBC, as we was once, iba kung kilala mo na ‘yung iniinterview mo. Doon pumapasok ‘yung subjectivity.

SCB: How about a changes that it’s now open to a open and it’s televised?

RCC: Talaga namang open to a open even during my time. we remember when we was being interviewed in Apr of 2010, a event gymnasium in Baguio was full to a rafters. we don’t know what sold reason since they wanted to hear me (chuckles). They quite wanted to hear what we would contend given we was rumoured to be a frontrunner. The media was there too. Ngayon nga lang live TV during saka puwedeng mag twitter or mag call in.

SCB: Among a candidates, ilang percent solicit ang bilib kayo?

RCC: Twenty dual finalists, some of them are unequivocally unequivocally good though some of them are, unhappy to say… (chuckles). Ikaw na lang ang magtuloy. we don’t wish to be un-Christian eh.

SCB: What traits should a subsequent arch probity possess?

RCC: Right now, authorised independence, ‘yun nga ang pinaglaban ko. You know what happened to me. There’s some-more reason now. That would be required given ang mga haka-haka nga tinanggal ako kasi hindi ako sumusunod sa Malacañang. Kaya kailangan ‘yung susunod patunayan niya na might authorised autonomy sila. Hindi ‘yung andun siya para protektahan kung sinuman.


SCB: After roughly 5 months of impeachment, after all those hearings and meetings with your authorised team, how does life go on?

RCC: My standard day would be going to a gym, carrying prolonged breakfast with my wife. Breakfast is indeed a best dish of a day given in a morning we tell a lot of stories and jokes.

I also review given in my 10 years in a court, puro authorised decisions ‘yung binasa ko eh. There was unequivocally usually a weekend to review leisurely. we adore history. we like reading about good chronological figures. we also have a library of story DVDs – Churchill, Lawrence of Arabia, Richard a Lionhearted, Gandhi. Madalas we have a cover beside me kasi parang might correspondence ito sa story ng Pilipinas, so we take note. When something flashes in my mind, or meron akong thought for a speech, we write.

SCB: Is it loyal that we and your mother met during a corner emanate of a propagandize paper of Ateneo and Maryknoll?

RCC: Yes, some-more or less. That was a usually time it ever happened. we was usually handling editor during a time, she was editor-in-chief.

SCB: But we were eyeing her already?

RCC: Doon ko lang siya nakita. Hindi nga kami nag-usap eh. Hindi ko siya niligawan agad-agad. Studious kami eh (laughs). Hindi kami ‘yung normal na college tyro na carefree.

SCB: But we wanted to be a counsel some-more than we wanted to be a writer?

RCC: Sa law naman kasi during sa aming trabaho sa Supreme Court, puro essay naman ‘yan eh. Reading and writing. You frequency speak unless you’re Chief Justice and you’re invited to be guest orator somewhere. That’s a usually time we talk. Other than that, it’s reading and writing.

SCB: How about now, do we wish to work in media?

RCC: I’ve had several offers to write a column. Eventually, though I’m still enjoying my vacation.


SCB: What are a things we demeanour brazen to doing?

RCC: Two things na 100 percent ang assemblage namin – one is a Ateneo basketball games in UAAP The other one is concerts of aged music, I’m articulate about Glenn Miller, Petula Clark, Connie Francis.

SCB: You didn’t go to a Sergio Mendes show, PNoy was there…

RCC: Alam mo, propensity fixing pumunta but…

SCB: You were told he was there?

RCC: No. we didn’t know he was coming. We were somewhere meron kaming hindi matriarch hindian na event though we had tickets already, pinamigay lang namin. We didn’t know that President was coming. Even if we saw him there, edukadong tao naman ako, we would substantially have still smiled during him and jarred his hand.

SCB: How do we do that? At one justices summit, we were criticized face to face…

RCC: Hindi mainitin ang ulo ko. I’ve been in worse situations before. we had courtroom experience, minsan we accommodate unequivocally meant lawyers, ‘yung mga bastos. I’ve never been like that, even ‘yung mga kalaban ko hindi maganda ang asal. I’ve always been unequivocally calm.

SCB: You even attended PNoy’s coronation and it was a same…

RCC: Some people consider na kawawa naman ako pero ganun talaga celebrity ko. It would substantially take super complicated something to start for me to be unequivocally mad. I’ve always been a mild-mannered person.

SCB: Are we using for open office?

RCC: Not my crater of tea.

SCB: But can you?

RCC: To run, yes; to be appointed, no.

SCB: If there are sectors who will commotion for we to run, would you?

RCC: I’ll confirm when we get there. Not my crater of tea eh. Kaya ako pumasok sa law eh. we have kin in Batangas who are in politics. After being a counsel for so many years, we could’ve entered politics eh. Ayoko nga eh kaya we opted a approach to a law kasi ayoko nga ang buhay pulitika. Ironically, we became a plant of politics that we attempted to bashful divided from.

SCB: How do we like to be remembered?

RCC: we would like to be remembered as a arch probity who was dauntless adequate to confirm on a Hacienda Luisita box and risked all for a consequence of authorised independence. ‘Yun ang bequest ko, that we would like people to remember me by.

SCB: Are we happy right now?

RCC: Oo naman. When we do something for God, when we do something for your associate men, that is your biggest reward. You don’t even need other people to contend appreciate we to you.