Alcohol can ruin families

I do prison ministry and 98 percent of the men that we meet in the prisons have gotten there while under the influence of alcohol, or and drugs.

I asked some years ago to see what got them on that path, and everyone that I asked said they started out drinking and then grew from there.

I met a man in a prison six years ago doing ministry work and saw him again this past month in another prison.

When he was 20 years young, he was drinking and driving, had an accident and killed two people.

He was later got sentenced to life, he is now 34 years old, and from that alcohol sale that night there was three families ruined, the two that died and his family from their loss of him.

What is the message we are sending out to our youth, our kids?

It is alright to sell alcohol and it’s OK because we need better places to eat.

Would you want your child to die premature, or before their time do to a drunk driver?

Or would you want your child to spend life in a prison because you voted yes?

I say, vote no!

Guy Shipp

Servant Rider Ministries