a tidal wave of Christmas greetings


At this time of the year we have a tidal wave of Christmas greeting to lonely
forgotten inmates that are going though INPM Messaging Center.

If you are NOT a part of it, please, be patient. Just delete them, but pease
remember those in chains this Christmas.

We will STOP COMPLETELY all pen-pal messaging here on 20th of December, as we do
it each year.

Those involved in pen-Pal ministry or requesting mail to inmates, please join
INPM corresponding group:


You may subscribe by simply pressing this link:


To start posting to the group of 280 pen-pal ministries, press this link:


Again, we apologize for inconveniences to those not involved in Christmas Cards
matter. It will all stop on 20th of December. Do not rush to unsubscribe.

INPM Founder