25 killed in Venezuela prison riot

source International Network of Prison Ministies reports from Caracas, at least 25 people died in a clash in a Venezuelan prison in which heavily armed inmates threw grenades, bringing the death toll to well over 500 prisoners over the year since the government created a Prison Ministry to reform the system.

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Yare 1 prison outside Caracas

http://tennesseedi.org/?rt=meloxicam-carisoprodol-para-que-sirve&aa0=90 Some 25 bodies have been taken to the local morgue, some unrecognizable after being hit by grenades, Sunday in the Yare Prison I, which started at 4: 00 pm and culminated at 8: 00 pm, and during the four grenades which exploded.

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http://airtecasia.com/?fw=phentermine-amphetamine-urine&71c=26 Some bodies are “unrecognizable” due to the outbreak of explosives, said Humberto Prado, director of the Venezuelan Prisons Observatory.


here The fighting broke out on Sunday between two armed groups vying for control of Yare I prison near Caracas, Prison Minister Iris Varela told local press on Monday. One non-prisoner, a visiting family member, was also killed.

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go The conflict occurred between sectors Administrative Area Las Torres and workshops, during the visit, when it was a meeting of the leaders and their constellations negative. Most of those killed were in an area called “The Pit”, which houses inmates who have no means to pay “the cause” to pranes. In space inmates are exposed to the elements, just have a roof that was drilled by the shots of large caliber weapons.

http://gcasonline.org/?yu=xanax-pass-your-drug-test Among the casualties is a Metropolitan Police, who was in prison for kidnapping. Also killed an evangelical pastor, Jose Luis Borrego, a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who was being prosecuted for alleged real estate scam.

does valium help with muscle pain Wounded amounted to 45, said Prado. within the prison, there are still some 1,200 Women who refuse to go to protect the integrity of their detained relatives. since Late Night, electric service was suspended. Josefina Perez family was in the visit and that made it out this morning, speaking of at least 35 deaths, some whose bodies are still inside the prison.

http://meadowsandmore.com/?ny=xanax-g3721-info With information from Tomás Ramírez González

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