2018 Feb Blotter

On Feb 10, 2018 members from COPS method responded to Arkansas for their 17th year in a row.  The group ministered in Cummins Prison, Brickeys Prison, Ouachita River Prison, Little Tucker Prison and Wrightsville Prison.  The group hold 6 church services.  They ministered to 471 people, 19 perceived Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and 46 rededicated their lives to a Lord.  We regard God for what He had done.  It was good saying God work in so many lives as He did.

It was engaging in one use we had to see an invalid so vibrated by a fact that military officers were conducting a use that he did all he could to get adult and leave.  Finally a count was over and he left a service.  He didn’t hang around prolonged adequate to see that we were not there to decider him though to share a adore of Jesus Christ to him.  Many other inmates came adult to us and thanked us for entrance all a approach out from California to apportion to them.  Some of a inmates were fron San Bernardino, Riverside and Northern California.

It was also good to see a crony hermit Lewis Jared who lives in Arkansas.  He went into a prisons with us as he does each year we transport behind to apportion in Arkansas.  On a final night, he sanctified a group with BBQ ribs, chicken, prohibited links, southern immature beans, mac and cheese, banana pudding and bunt cake.  He is a outrageous believer of COPS method and unequivocally shows his appreciation to us for what we do.

Thanks for all of your support and might God magnify you.