107th Prison Day to felicitate officers

107th Prison Day to felicitate officers

The purpose of a jail officials, who are a primary movers behind
making a wrong doers before a authorised complement in a nation into good
citizen might not have drawn a courtesy of a multitude in a 107 years
history of a Prison Department after it was determined on Jul 16,
1905 during a British order as a apart Department.

These jail officials might have been subjected to critique in their
lifetime in their bid to govern a orders given by a Courts in
the nation and might have been blamed for their small accountability when
handling a hardcore criminals portion their jail terms in prison

But when a Prison Department is prepared to symbol a 107 th
anniversary of a Department they are prepared to make a change in its
history by admiring a purpose of a jail officials who had performed
an model use in a Department.

As a partial of imprinting a 107th Prison Day that falls on Jul 16,
Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms Ministry along with a Prison
Department is prepared to endowment medals for 283 uniformed jail officials
who have finished some-more than 25 years of model use in the
Department and another 33 non uniformed employees of a Department.

Accordingly, 3 officers who have finished 40 years service, 69
officers who have finished 30 years service, and 211 officers who have
completed 25 years services will be awarded use medals. Apart from
that another 33 non uniformed jail employees who have finished more
than 33 years of use will also be felicitated during a colours night
on Jul 16.

P.W. Kodippili
A. Dissanayaka

Five jail officials who have rendered their use even during the
risk of their life will also be awarded medals for their acts of bravery
at a Prison Day Colours Award rite to be hold on Jul 16 during 6 pm
at Ananda College, Kularatna Hall with a appearance of Speaker
Chamal Rajapaksa as a arch guest and underneath a clientele of
Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms Minister Chandrasiri Gajadeera.

Parallel to a categorical jubilee on Jul 16, a Prison Department is
also organising a array of events including blood concession campaigns,
shramadana campaigns, donation giving ceremonies and other functions to mark
this occasion.

An muster depicting talents of a Prison officials are also now
being hold during a Campbell Park, Borella and it will continue compartment July

Secretary to Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms Ministry A.
Dissanayaka expressing his views about a Prison Day celebrations said,
the Ministry is enlivening a jail officials to perform their duties
effectively in their bid to creation a prisoners a improved citizen.

“At benefaction we are focusing some-more on rehabilitating a prisoners,
providing them a improved sourroundings and building prisons during more
spacious places. For this, we need a support of a jail officials
and we are perplexing to inspire them by these use awards and
medals”, Dissanayaka added.

He pronounced now a Prison Department is using a operation with
a serious necessity of staff as we have usually one jail officer for 6

“We are going to partisan some-more jail officers shortly as a Cabinet
have already given capitulation for a recruitment of 830 jail officers
based on a rival hearing hold in 2011”, he added.
Commissioner General of Prisons Department P.W. Kodippili pronounced the
Prison use and colours endowment rite will be an enlivening factor
for a jail officials as their use has not been dignified in the

“We are frequently removing critique though many people are not wakeful of
the hardships a jail officials are confronting when doing things at
the prisons”, he added.

He pronounced in their attempts to minimise incidents in prisons they
have conducted several raids in prisons and rescued 321 mobile phones
including a worldly mobile phones among a prisoners.

“As a partial of facilitating a routine of screening a prisoners,
the Prison Department has commissioned 28 steel detectors in vital prisons
in a nation and another 60 steel detectors have already been ordered
to be commissioned in prisons”, he added.

As a partial of improving a comforts during a Prison a Department is
introducing many comforts to a inmates adapting to international