08/06/2012 14:04 INDIA Risen Christ, wish for those pang in Indian jails

Mumbai (AsiaNews) – Innocent of all charges he spent 5 years in prison
for his joining to a marginalized and victims of violence. Because,
he explains, given Sep 2001, a Indian supervision has promoted a “security”
policy that also targeted amicable activism. His
indictment, false, is for carrying collaborated with and membership of a Maoist
Naxalite movement, though even amid assault and abuse in jail he never mislaid his
faith and hope, that enabled him to recover freedom. This is a story that
Arun Ferreira, Scripture Scholar and Seminary Professor and Parish Priest yesterday told a bishopric of St. Peter, in Bandra Mumbai
(Maharashtra), on a arise of a day – Sunday, Aug 5 – that a Indian Church
dedicates to a jail ministry. “A story of hope”
for Fr. Errol
Fernandes, that reminds us of “the daily plea of Christ
crucified” and resurrected.

Ferreira, 39, complicated during St. Xavier
College in Mumbai and from a immature age was
active in society. In
the duration 1992-93 he helped a thousands of Muslim victims of assault during the
hands of Hindu extremists in Babri Masjid. He
later assimilated a tyro transformation Vidyarthi Pragati Sanghatan, that proposed
to build a approved and egalitarian Indian society.

the conflict on a Twin
Towers on 11 September
2001 caused a radical change in supervision policies, that began to see popular
movements as a antagonistic rivalry to be vanquished. “The
organizations were banned,” pronounced a man, “their ideas listed and
social organizations branded as terrorist.” This
is because those who used to move assistance to a oppressed in a genealogical areas of
countryside were indicted of “Maoism” and arrested.

the months before his arrest, many Dalit activists were arrested and
imprisoned. “Despite
the meridian – continued Arun Ferreira – we never suspicion we too would be targeted
by a government.” In
May 2007 he was imprisoned, with ubiquitous allegations of being a member of the
Naxalite movement. He
suffered assault and abuse, justification was built opposite him that led to
his sentencing, though this was not enough. In
September 2010 a probity systematic a recover of Nagpur, though in a brief time he was re-arrested
by plainclothes agents, with general allegations of violations of a prison
regime during his time behind bars.

January 4, 2012, his recover on bail and lapse to full freedom. Arun
said, he was postulated during his years in jail by  “the devout assistance of my relatives during
their visits to prison” and “legal assistance” perceived from

Fr. Errol
Fernandes, researcher and university professor, told AsiaNews that his story is “a story of hope” for the
support perceived from family (a “enlarged” family, that includes
friends and colleagues during university). He
never mislaid a will to quarrel for probity and truth, earning a master’s degree
during his years in prison. His
story, a clergyman continues, “invites us to go over a pain of the
moment, a injustices and errors.” Like
Jesus, he teaches us how to lift a cranky to acquire a final rebirth and
testifies that “we can withstand any plea or difficulty” because
of faith. (NC)