Finding redemption during a feet of Jesus 

“Love is patient, adore is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not disrepute others, it is not self-seeking, it is not simply angered, it keeps no annals of wrongs. Love does not pleasure in immorality though rejoices with truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease, where there are tongues, they will be stilled, where there is knowledge, it will pass away.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 New International Version

My name is Jason Reece and we am one of a chaplains for OJPM in Logan County. What a payoff it is to be means to be a unequivocally tiny partial of OJPM. we am authorised to take a gospel of Jesus Christ into this jail and work with some unequivocally excellent men. we have been a partial of OJPM for roughly dual years. There is zero that creates me any happier than saying someone totally obey to Christ and turn what they were combined to be.

In 2015, we was jailed in this facility. we was destroyed and a finish wreck. we had strayed divided from Christ and was doing things some that no male that claimed to adore a creator should do. we remember unequivocally good a morning where all altered in my life. we totally surrendered my life to Jesus Christ.  Up until that indicate we truly suspicion that we had a devout experience, we was wrong. we mostly tell people that if we consider we have had a devout experience, we substantially are mistaken. Once you’ve had that experience, a undeniable.

One thing we have schooled in my time with OJPM, is that we can’t usually go in there and quote scripture and give out lessons. You contingency initial get to know these group and form a attribute adult with them. If these group can’t trust me, what creates me consider they would trust anything that comes out of my mouth. There is zero that creates me any happier than examination someone give their life to Christ.

When we initial started going into this jail, we met a male that we will call Jack. Jack is scarcely 30 years old. He has been in/out of jail for many of his adult years. we spent a tiny time with him for about 4 weeks and afterwards he was released. A integrate of months after he was behind in on identical charges. This cycle steady itself over a march of a subsequent few months. Each time he would come behind he would always ask if we was dissapoint with him. we always told him that no we was not. It was roughly like he was wanting me to turn indignant with him. Come to find out, he had huge trust issues. He was unprotected to many things as a child that many kids aren’t. Jack and we spent lots of time together. The day before he was expelled a final time, we asked him if he unequivocally knew Jesus Christ and had Jesus in his heart. He was uncertain. In a tiny room after that evening, Jack asked Jesus to come into his heart. The good thing about Jack is that given he finished that decision, his life has totally changed. He hasn’t been behind to a jail since. we contend that and that’s a tiny fib. Jack now runs a kitchen as worker in that jail and has been solemn for dual years as of Sep 3rd. God has unequivocally finished something special in his life. Not usually that, he is also an item in a village and is heading other group to Christ and assisting other group quarrel a same piece that once had him in shackles.

I am so beholden and so shamed to be means to share a gospel of Jesus Christ to other men. Through a lot of pain, we have found my purpose.

Chaplain, Jason Reece

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Training? Do we unequivocally need it? 

“And He will decider between many peoples And describe decisions for mighty, [a]distant nations.  Then they will kick their swords into plowshares,  And their spears into pruning hooks; Nation will not lift a sword opposite nation, And never again will they [b]train for war.” Micah 4:3, New American Standard Bible

On Nov 6, 2021 commencement during 8 am we will have a semi-annual tumble training for volunteers.  The place will be Genesis Church, 623 NE 5th St, Moore, OK 73160.

With many county jails still sealed and not permitting volunteers in, we might consternation if we unequivocally need it?  Of course, we do.  There are many changes in a jails some-more now than ever and to stay in good station and means to keep operative for a Lord in those places we need to stay adult to date on changes.

Hebrews 5:14 refers to God’s word as food.  Just since a baby has changed from liquids to solid, would we stop feeding them?  Of course, we would not, as we should not stop scheming for a conflict we face when we go into a jails.  We need to stay fed adult in a process and procession changes.

With that being said, we wish to see we during a training on Saturday, Nov 6.  There we will have a possibility to see a several Site Chaplains and accommodate other Volunteer Chaplains .

We will have a time for questions and answers.  As always, there will be coffee and snacks prepared when we arrive.

Please if we know of a crony that is meddlesome in a ministry, move them with you.  We adore to accommodate new impending volunteers and answer as many questions as we can.

If we have any questions or only need directions, feel giveaway to give me a call 405-917-2242.  No worries, if we am not during a bureau a call will be forwarded to my cell.

God Bless

Diana Cummins

Office/Finance Administrator

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In a difference of Sherrie Johnston, former invalid during Oklahoma County Detention Center

Always Call Sin “Sin:”
It is no preference to a counselee to call impiety “sickness” or “a genetic problem.” The kindest thing to do is tell a truth. There is wish in right labeling. Jesus came to pardon and to better sin. He doesn’t guarantee to change a genes or to reanimate all a sicknesses. Names are important. Names can be signs and pointer posts: they indicate to solutions. “Sickness” points to a physician; “sin: points to Jesus Christ.

Never Minimize:

Don’t minimize a astringency of a counselee’s problem. Nor should we minimize his disastrous analysis of himself. It isn’t easy for a sinner to acknowledge his sin. Some, definition well, do feeble instead when they contend things like, “O, come on, John, we haven’t been that bad.” If a lady says, “I’ve been a miserable disaster as a mother,” take her seriously. Say something like this in response: “That is serious; tell me how bad a mom we have been.” Minimize conjunction a analysis that a counselee makes, nor a astringency of his situation. Rather, maximize a Savior: “Yes, your conditions is unequivocally bad, though – appreciate God – Jesus Christ can solve problems even that serious.”

Intellectually Disabled Alabama Death-Row Prisoner Appeals Denial of Stay of Execution, Arguing Designation of Lethal Injection Violated Americans With Disabilities Act

Smith’s Intellectual Disability Claim

The Americans With Disability Act lawsuit is a latest in a fibre of argumentative developments in Smith’s case.

In 2002, in Atkins v. Virginia, a U.S. Supreme Court announced that a use of collateral punishment opposite people with egghead incapacity disregarded a Eighth Amendment’s condemnation opposite vicious and surprising punishments. In Jul 2020, a U.S. Supreme Court declined to review Smith’s interest from a Alabama state and sovereign courts’ rejection of his Atkins claim.

In rejecting Smith’s claim, a Alabama courts asserted that he had not met his weight of proof that his egghead and adaptive functioning were amply marred to validate for an egghead incapacity diagnosis. Alabama denied a egghead functioning apportionment of his explain on a drift that his IQ score, unadjusted for dimensions errors, was 72 — dual IQ points above a state’s unconstitutional IQ cutoff of 70. It deserted his explain of adaptive deficits by unconstitutionally focusing on his adaptive skills and reporting that those skills outweighed his deficits. In 2014, in Hall v. Florida, a U.S. Supreme Court categorically announced a use of IQ cut-off scores to be unconstitutional. Subsequently, in dual apart decisions in Moore v. Texas, a Court categorically settled that a concentration of a integrity of adaptive functioning is on a participation or deficiency of deficits, not on either there are countervailing strengths.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for a Eleventh Circuit concluded that Smith would be incompetent for execution had Alabama practical a constitutionally stream customary for last egghead disability. However, it available his execution to go brazen on a drift that Hall and Moore should be practical usually to cases that had not nonetheless been motionless on interest during a time of a Supreme Court decisions. Whether Smith could be executed, a justice ruled, was quite “a matter of timing”: if he was attempted after Hall and Moore had been decided, he would not have been authorised for a genocide penalty.

The Religious Freedom Claim

In Dec 2020, a Alabama Supreme Court scheduled Smith’s execution by fatal injection for Feb 11, 2021. After Alabama told Smith that it would not assent his devout confidant to apportion to him in a execution chamber, Smith filed a sovereign lawsuit alleging that Alabama’s refusal disregarded his rights underneath a sovereign Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000 (RLUIPA), a Religious Freedom Amendment to a Alabama constitution, and a Establishment and Free Exercise clauses of a First Amendment to a U.S. Constitution. The district justice discharged his fit and he appealed to a Eleventh Circuit.

On Feb 10, 2021, a three-judge row of a Eleventh Circuit voted 2-1 to enjoin Alabama from carrying out his execution, anticipating that Smith was expected to attain on his RLUIPA claim. Four hours after a execution was scheduled to start, a U.S. Supreme Court voted to leave a explain in place unless a state available Smith’s priest to be benefaction to yield him eremite comfort in a execution chamber. Alabama afterwards announced that it was job off a execution.

In Jun 2021, Alabama and Smith reached a settlement of a eremite practice emanate in that Smith’s priest will be available to lubricate Smith’s conduct with oil, urge with Smith, and reason his hand, as prolonged as a priest moves out of a approach before a execution group performs a alertness check. The priest will be compulsory to sojourn in a genocide cover until a execution is finished and fate to a declare bedrooms are drawn.

The Americans With Disabilities Act Claim

In Nov 2019, Smith filed a sovereign polite rights lawsuit severe a constitutionality of his execution by fatal injection and arguing that ADOC’s nomination of fatal injection as his execution process disregarded his rights underneath a ADA. As his initial 2021 execution date approached, a Eleventh Circuit on Feb 20 postulated Smith a proxy stay of execution to yield a justice time to cruise his claim. On Feb 11, a U.S. Supreme Court vacated that stay, though halted a execution over his eremite practice claim.

Over a summer, Smith asked for an explain to forestall his execution by any means other than nitrogen hypoxia until his ADA explain could be resolved on a merits, environment a theatre for a stream litigation.

Pervis Payne Seeks Hearing on Whether Shelby County Prosecutors Should be Recused From His Case Based on Trial Prosecutor’s Possible Conflict of Interest


on Oct 20, 2021

Alleging that Shelby County Assistant District Attorney General Stephen Jones might have been representing a charge in his box while concurrently portion as a collateral box staff profession aiding a county’s judges, Tennessee death-row restrained Pervis Payne (pictured) has changed to invalidate a Shelby County District Attorney General’s bureau from serve coming in his case. Payne is available a scheduled Dec 13, 2021 justice conference to establish either he is incompetent for a genocide chastisement since of egghead disability.

On Oct 15, 2021, Payne’s post-conviction counsel, Kelley Henry asked a 30th Judicial District Criminal Court in Memphis to report a conference to establish “whether a Shelby County District Attorney General’s Office possesses a disqualifying dispute of interest” in a case. Henry presented justification that Jones worked as a collateral box staff profession during a duration in that Payne’s plea to his self-assurance and genocide judgment were tentative in a Shelby County courts. Citing sworn testimony from District Court Judge Chris Craft, Payne’s suit alleges that “Jones supposing authorised superintendence to a judges of this rapist justice per genocide chastisement matters when Jones was employed as a Capital Case Staff Attorney.”

“The contribution as currently famous emanate during slightest a coming of impropriety that warrants authorised inquiry,” Henry pronounced in a motion.

The emanate in Payne’s box is identical to one in a Texas box of death-row restrained Clinton Young, in that a prosecuting profession concurrently served as a authorised clerk to a decider who presided during conference and in post-conviction appeals. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals vacated Young’s conviction on Sep 22, 2021 as a outcome of that conflict.

Tennessee scheduled Payne to be executed on December 3, 2020, notwithstanding poignant justification of his ignorance and that he is incompetent for a genocide chastisement since of egghead disability. Governor Bill Lee postulated him a temporary execution reprieve on Nov 6, 2020, “due to a hurdles and disruptions caused by a COVID-19 pandemic.” On May 10, Tennessee enacted a new government that marinated a forsake in Tennessee law that had prevented Payne and other death-row prisoners from severe their genocide sentences on a basement of egghead disability, and Payne immediately filed a petition to empty his genocide judgment underneath a new law.

The justice is approaching to order on Payne’s suspension suit before determining either a Dec 13 egghead incapacity conference can go forward.

During his time as a collateral staff attorney, Jones supposing judges with authorised superintendence on genocide chastisement issues. Unlike Young’s case, however, Jones says his staff profession work did not embody work on Payne’s case.

In a conference in that she presented a suit to a court, Henry told Judge Paula Skahan that a eminence is not dispositive. “It’s not only a matter of did a collateral box staff profession breeze an opinion, it’s what information did a collateral box staff profession learn during his or her tenure?,” she argued.

“There are only so many questions we can’t answer during this juncture,” Henry told a court. “There’s no approach to untether [Jones’] work from a Shelby County DA’s Office.” The conflict, she said, “requires a new DA’s Office to come in so they don’t have entrance to potentially absolved information, so a contaminate is private from these record so we can pierce brazen with a open carrying a clarity of firmness over these hearings.”

Payne is a initial Tennessee death-row restrained to record for service underneath a state’s new egghead incapacity law. If Judge Skahan decides to mislay Shelby County prosecutors from a case, she would have to designate a special prosecutor to hoop a case, that would postpone a start of that hearing.

Payne, who was condemned to genocide for a murders of Charisse Christopher and her two-year-old daughter, has consistently confirmed his ignorance and pronounced he came on a stage after they had been attacked. The victims collectively had been stabbed some-more than 80 times. DNA contrast of evidence that had been funded from a invulnerability found a DNA from an unclear male, on a hoop of a murder weapon. Consistent with his long-standing avowal that he had overwhelmed a knife, Payne’s DNA was found elsewhere on a knife, though not on a handle. Judge Skahan pronounced during a time that a participation of a unclear man’s DNA was not sufficient to infer Payne’s innocence.


Katherine Burgess, Pervis Payne seeks to dis­qual­i­fy Shelby County District Attorney General’s Office from genocide penal­ty case, Commercial Appeal, Oct 152021 

Staff, Attorney of Pervis Payne calls for dismissal of Shelby County District Attorney’s Office from con­tro­ver­sial case, WMC Actions News 5, Memphis, Oct 152021 

Read Payne’s Motion to Disqualify a Shelby County District Attorney General’s office. 

Commutation reduces judgment in 1998 crime debauch – Whidbey News

Rogelio Vasquez’s unusual emancipation story culminated this tumble when a administrator sealed a redeeming commutation that will recover him from jail 22 years into a 46-year sentence.

Gov. Jay Inslee’s actions followed a state Clemency and Pardons Board’s unanimous opinion to suggest Vasquez’s early release. Island County Prosecutor Greg Banks, who prosecuted Vasquez in 1999, also endorsed commutation, mostly formed on a changes that Vasquez done in his life while behind bars.

“In a crucible of a rarely tranquil custodial environment, he has grown an doubtful new impression trait – a ability to caring for and about others,” a prosecutor wrote. “Empathy does not come easy for many held adult in a rapist probity system.”

During a indulgence hearing, a profession representing Vasquez described how a near-death knowledge in jail done his customer comprehend he was wasting his life and spiteful himself and those whom he loved. He done a supernatural turnaround, embracing sobriety, removing an education, mentoring others, apropos active in a jail method and dedicating himself to assisting ill and failing prisoners.

“It was a lowest days of Roger’s life though it was also a day his unusual emancipation began,” profession Kevin Kehoe said, explaining that Vasquez uses a name “Roger.”

As Banks noted, Vasquez’s 1998 crime debauch repelled a Whidbey Island village — generally a tiny city of Coupeville, where a decade progressing dual deputies were killed in a Island County jail.

Vasquez, who was a Mount Vernon resident, was arrested in Skagit County on guess of bank robbery. Deputy Frank Gavin ecstatic him to Island County Jail on a misconduct aver though wasn’t wakeful Vasquez was high on heroin and pang from enlarged nap deprivation. Vasquez dislocated his possess float and slipped out of shackles on a ride.

When a emissary non-stop a van’s doorway outward a jail in Coupeville, Vasquez knocked him down, took his gun and pistol churned him. Dressed in splendid jail overalls, Vasquez ran by a still streets of a town, interlude traffic, violation into homes and assaulting several people. He finished adult hidden a automobile and crashing it after heading military on a chase.

A jury found Vasquez guilty of 17 charges, including spoliation in a initial degree, shun in a second degree, dual depends of thievery in a initial class and several depends of attack in a second degree.

If it wasn’t for a 1995 Hard Time for Armed Crime Act, Vasquez would have perceived a standard-range judgment of 14.25 years in prison. But a act adds time for crimes that were committed when an delinquent is armed with a firearm. In this case, a gun enhancements, that run consecutively, increasing a judgment by an additional 32 years.

A 46-year judgment is some-more than a decade longer than a normal judgment for first-degree murder in a state, Vasquez’s attorneys remarkable in his petition for clemency. If Vasquez served his whole sentence, he would be expelled in 2044, when he is 76 years old.

Gavins — who has given upheld divided — had to have stitches and an aged lady suffered a black eye and bruises, though nobody postulated durability earthy injuries.

In a minute addressing Vasquez’s indulgence request, Island County Sheriff Rick Felici removed how shocked Gavin was following a assault. Felici spoke to Gavin while he was in a sanatorium afterward. Gavin believed a usually reason Vasquez didn’t fire him was that he couldn’t figure out how to take a reserve off his gun. Gavin was never a same afterward, Felici remembered.

In courtesy to clemency, Felici wrote that he is ripped between his faith that people have a ability for change and a significance of Vasquez holding shortcoming for “a array of intensely aroused acts.”

“I unequivocally wish that during his time in prison, he has taken a event to simulate on his life and that if postulated indulgence he will spend a rest of his life as a decent and prolific member of society,” a policeman wrote.

Vasquez, who was one of 7 children, was innate in Oregon and his family after staid in Southern California, where his relatives worked as migrant laborers. The family altered to Skagit County when he was 11 years old, though he had problem in propagandize and forsaken out in 10th class to work in a fields picking strawberries and raspberries, according to his petition.

Vasquez started regulating drugs when he was 12. At age 17, he was regulating heroin and became addicted. The drug altered his celebrity and wreaked massacre on his relationships. To compensate for a drugs, he started committing crimes.

Vasquez had an endless rapist story when he committed a crimes in Coupeville. He had spent some-more than 4 years in sovereign jail for a crime of law-breaker in possession of a firearm and was sent behind for scarcely dual years after being arrested for possession of a firearm and attempting to evade a posterior military vehicle.

After being condemned in a Island County case, Vasquez continued regulating heroin and methamphetamine in prison. But afterwards a near-tragedy in 2006 altered all for Vasquez. He explained how he smuggled heroin into unique capture and it ruptured inside his body.

“I was so helpless,” he said. “I wanted to cuddle my mom so bad and make amends.”

Vasquez laid down in his dungeon to die, revelation a Lord he was so contemptible he had busted a pleasing life he had been given. He apologized for a people he hurt.

Miraculously, Vasquez survived and used a discernment to reconstruct his life. His bewail and his joining to change is low and sincere, his petition states.

Vasquez stopped regulating drugs and petitioned to be authorised into diagnosis programs, that are routinely indifferent for inmates within 5 years of release. But his diligence paid off and he was supposed into Smart Recovery.

Vasquez returned to his Catholic roots, using a Spanish-language Bible investigate and became concerned in services, apropos a coach to younger men. He’s median to an associates class by a University Beyond Bars module and worked as a member of a Prison Advisory Committee, advising a jail per equivalence in education. He was partial of a pioneering mentoring module given a pregnancy and became a purpose indication for a farrago of prisoners, from drug users to squad members.

Perhaps many significantly, Vasquez was a caretaker of a ill and infirm by a Men of Compassion program. He was there for group few others cared for as they died in prison; he risked constrictive COVID-19 in caring for a group and was putrescent a virus.

Fellow inmates, jail officials, a jail clergyman and family members all wrote letters or spoke on interest of Vasquez. Cheryl Angeletti-Harris, a member of a Clemency and Pardons Board, pronounced during a indulgence conference that Vasquez represents a singular box in that someone is truly rehabilitated in prison.

Under a redeeming commutation, a transition devise is described in that Vasquez contingency finish a work recover module and offer 3 years of Department of Corrections supervision, that will embody drug contrast and other conditions. He already has dual pursuit offers.

Before voting to suggest clemency, a house members emphasized that a universe has altered given Vasquez lived in a outward universe and that it will be severe for him to stay on a true and slight path. If he strays, they warned, he will finish adult behind where he started.

From squad personality to mosque leader

Randy Muhammad’s impasse with a Nation of Islam began roughly by happenstance, when, as a 16-year-old, he bought a cassette fasten of one of Minister Louis Farrakhan’s speeches and was Intrigued by Farrakhan’s summary of self-empowerment.

Muhammad initial listened of Farrakhan in a song of Public Enemy MC Chuck D.

“He had a difficult musical flow,” Muhammad pronounced of Chuck D. “He kept dropping a name of Farrakhan in his lyrics.”

The Farrakhan cassette serve irritated a teen’s interest.

“I had never listened to a oration before,” he said. “I wasn’t religious. But we was perplexed by him. He had this summary of unity, of Black, brownish-red and red people operative together. As a Puerto Rican of African descent, that appealed to me.”

It wasn’t a expected fit — a Nation of Islam’s insistence on purify vital contrasted with a teenager’s admittedly immoral lifestyle. The eighth child of relatives who were innate in Arroyo, Puerto Rico, Muhammad pronounced he and his brothers began using a streets after their father left home. Living in what was afterwards a Orchard Park housing project, Muhammad was a initial member of a Trailblazers squad that operated in a development.

“I was out there doing what a immature brothers were adult to — offered drugs and removing high,” Muhammad pronounced in a Banner talk final week, sitting in a carpeted bureau subsequent to Muhammad’s Mosque No. 11 in Grove Hall, wearing a customary NOI uniform — discriminating black shoes, frail charcoal-gray suit, bowtie, and bullion star-and-crescent ring.

Oddly enough, some of a skills Muhammad displayed in his teenage years — a lyricism of his rapping and his ability to be a leader, despite in a girl squad — helped him pierce adult by a ranks of Mosque No. 11. In 2018, he was tapped to reinstate Minister Don Muhammad as a personality of a internal NOI community.

It’s a position Muhammad pronounced he doesn’t take lightly. The mosque was among a initial non-stop by a late Elijah Muhammad. Founded as a investigate organisation in 1952, a section non-stop a initial church on circuitously Intervale Street in 1957.

Don Muhammad, who led a mosque from a late 1970s, served as an confidant to Farrakhan and served as a personality of a Nation of Islam on a East Coast.

While Randy Muhammad was still a teenager, Minister Don put him to work in a Mosque’s jail ministry, a line of work that eventually led to his apropos a clergyman in a South Bay House of Correction.

Randy Muhammad schooled to demeanour adult to Minister Don, who excelled as a peacemaker, assisting to attorney truces between warring gangs and to build bridges between a mosque, a village and a police.

“As a personality of a mosque, Minister Don always had a healthy and good operative attribute with everyone,” he said. “He was really diplomatic, though in such a pleasing approach that he never compromised a core beliefs and principles.”

While Minister Don elite to use tact to settle squabbles, anyone who knew a Nation knew his supporters were peaceful to use their hands when needed. In one occurrence that became mythological in a scholarship of a internal NOI chapter, in a mid-1980s, Muhammad and his associate NOI members disarmed and kick members of a New York squad that had insisted on offered drugs in a closeness of a Grove Hall mosque over a minister’s objections.

Now occupying a chair Minister Don prolonged held, Randy Muhammad pronounced he is humbled.

“Coming behind Minister Don, who was one of a biggest group in a Nation of Islam, is a daunting task,” he said. “These are really large boots to fill.”

As a personality of Muhammad’s Mosque No. 11, Randy Muhammad oversees a chapter’s several ministries and investigate groups. In non-pandemic times, he delivers a Sunday sermon, Wednesday dusk lectures, Friday night investigate groups and Saturday request services. The mosque has ministries in 9 state prisons and runs a food cupboard that distributes furnish and dairy from internal farms.

The mosque also runs a science, technology, engineering, humanities and math module for teenagers and has launched a new beginning to strech out to people experiencing homelessness and piece abuse in Nubian Square.

Randy Muhammad and others in a mosque also have continued their overdo to squad members in an bid to revoke assault and negotiate truces.

While crime is down and a days when New York gangs attempted to spin Grove Hall into an alfresco drug marketplace are prolonged gone, Randy Muhammad pronounced a NOI members sojourn committed to gripping a area clean.

“There are those who exam us and have to be corrected,” he said. “We’re not going to endure things function on a skill or in a community.”

But a categorical work of a mosque, he said, stays one of fortifying members of a community.

“What gives me a many compensation is saying people transforming their lives,” he said. “I’ve been in a jail method for some-more than 27 years. You see people who you’ve met in maximum-security facilities, or even in solitary, renovate from being assertive and aroused to being caring, successful citizens. Men are means to turn husbands, fathers and mentors. To me, that’s a greatest.”

The New Prison Ministry Lies in Bible Education

The many distinguished devout mascot for jail method in new memory is, of course, Charles “Chuck” Colson. Known to many as Richard Nixon’s “hatchet man,” Colson after served time in sovereign jail for crimes associated to a Watergate scandal.

Like many prisoners, once incarcerated, Colson turned to faith to reassess his life, sparking a thespian change in personal instruction that led to his first of a distinguished nonprofit Prison Fellowship. Colson spoke mostly of a need for Christians to be active in addressing a problem of crime, as good as in a remodel of prisoners and prisons.

While widely successful as a prototype, Colson’s efforts dark in comparison to a many broader range of Christian devout impasse in jail method today. Both internal church groups and vast institutions have followed in Colson’s footsteps. Evangelical impasse in jail method is both some-more ecumenical and some-more widely intent in than ever before.

While many evangelicals are informed with jail method groups trimming from internal church proffer efforts to incomparable organizations like Prison Fellowship, newer and lesser-known models for devout method inside US prisons are sketch from innovative work during some of America’s largest and many aroused institutions. This work emphasizes equipping prisoners for their possess method and equipping prisons with resources from eremite volunteers.

As we request by a on-site research, these new approaches are being essentially grown in desperately underresourced maximum-security institutions. Christians continue to be intent in larger and some-more artistic ways of portion associate adults of all faiths in America’s prisons. …

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Federal Appeals Court Reinstates Oklahoma Death-Row Prisoners to Lawsuit in Decision That May Require State to Vacate Execution Dates

In a preference with intensity to empty a series of Oklahoma execution dates, a U.S. Court of Appeals for a Tenth Circuit has hold that a reduce sovereign justice abused a option in dismissing 6 death-row prisoners from a lawsuit severe a state’s execution protocol.

The appeals justice decision, released on Oct 15, 2021, pronounced that a statute by Judge Stephen Friot of a U.S. District Court for a Western District of Oklahoma that 6 death-row prisoners who had not designated an choice routine for Oklahoma to govern them could no longer be parties to a prisoner’s execution plea was not a final visualisation opposite them. As a result, they will sojourn parties to a lawsuit until a district justice conducts a trial, scheduled for early 2022, and resolves either Oklahoma’s three-drug execution routine is unconstitutionally torturous.

The prisoners have argued that a U.S. Supreme Court requires them to lay that a state has an choice routine to govern them, that a lawsuit does, not to appropriate a sold routine for their possess execution. “Although a district court’s preference to [certify a visualisation as final] merits estimable deference,” a appeals justice wrote, “we interpretation a district justice abused a option in certifying a settlement as final.”

State officials had told a justice that no executions would be scheduled while a prisoners’ execution plea was still pending. Following Friot’s ruling, however, state prosecutors sought and were postulated execution dates for 5 of a group Friot discharged from a case.

The state had set execution dates for John Grant (Oct. 28), Julius Jones (Nov. 18), Donald Grant (Jan. 27, 2022), Gilbert Postelle (Feb. 17), and James Coddington (Mar. 10) after Judge Friot private them from a lawsuit in August. Dale Baich, one of a attorneys representing a death-row prisoners in a execution custom lawsuit, pronounced their execution dates should be vacated: “The Attorney General done a joining to a justice and a parties that a state would not lift out executions while this box was tentative in a district court. Now that a plaintiffs are behind in a lawsuit, we design a Attorney General to keep his guarantee and ask a Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals to empty a scheduled execution dates.”

At a Mar 2020 conference in a case, Judge Friot done it transparent that he would meddle in any scheduled execution of a restrained who was celebration to a lawsuit. “I had a illustration final Mar from nothing other than a Attorney General of Oklahoma that [the state would not set execution dates]. And if we should have denote that that will happen,” Judge Friot said, “I will be, to put it mildly, immediately available.”

Theology alumnus finds accomplishment in work as jail chaplain

Jakabiea Barlow, left, is graphic with School of Theology Dean Dr. Greg DeLoach during a divinity commissioning rite in May 2019.
Jakabiea Barlow, right, is graphic with School of Theology Dean Dr. Greg DeLoach during a divinity commissioning rite in May 2019.

Mercer University alumnus Jukabiea Barlow took a jump of faith when he practical to be a jail clergyman and detected a passion. For a year and 7 months now, a 2019 McAfee School of Theology connoisseur has been ministering to inmates — including those on genocide quarrel — during a Federal Bureau of Prisons formidable in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Barlow warranted his bachelor’s grade in song with a thoroughness in jazz studies and served in a Army as a musician for 4 1/2 years before commencement his theological studies. While he worked toward his Master of Divinity degree, he was both a clergyman in a Army Reserves and an executive priest in Peachtree City.

Prison method work wasn’t on his radar, though as he looked for full-time positions after graduation, his mother-in-law incidentally sent him a inventory for a clergyman pursuit with a Federal Bureau of Prisons. Barlow pronounced he didn’t consider he’d qualify, though he practical anyway. He didn’t get that sold pursuit though practical for identical ones around a nation and was hired in Indiana.

“Mercer supposing a clever substructure for what I’m doing, and I’m grateful for that,” he said.

Barlow is one of 5 chaplains who work during a men’s jail complex, that consists of a maximum-level penitentiary, a medium-level sovereign correctional sanatorium and a low-security facility. It houses about 2,500 inmates sum and is a usually sovereign jail that carries out executions. 

“I am a eremite disciple for inmates of all faiths and traditions,” he said. “I try to yield devout and eremite resources to inmates, so they can strengthen their faith amid their time behind bars.”

Barlow visits all 3 comforts as good as a jail hospital. He is obliged for heading Protestant chapel services, that are a community character that encourages discourse from a group rather than only priesthood to them. 

The attendees urge and sing and have Holy Communion each Sunday. Instruments and apparatus are limited, though Barlow mostly plays piano during a services, or inmates might play guitar and share songs they have written.

Jukabiea Barlow

He also spends lunchtime with a group in box they wish to talk; provides resources or a listening ear to those who ask it; and goes door-to-door each Friday to revisit with each invalid who is interested. 

“The many rewarding thing about a pursuit is saying an invalid go home, generally if I’ve had a eventuality to pronounce to them and have those conversations. They take some of a things that we’ve discussed together and exercise them in their lives,” Barlow said. 

“In a jail environment, we take those tiny victories to heart since you’re surrounded by so most negativity. It can meant a universe for an invalid to spin around drug activity. It can meant a universe for an invalid to solve annoy issues. Whatever their devout path, it doesn’t matter to me. What matters to me is it helps them to turn a improved person.”

Barlow pronounced it’s been a training knowledge as he walks with a group by their personal journeys. Some of them will never get out of prison, requiring a change in mindset and denunciation that Barlow pronounced he might never get used to. He has to adjust his method from focusing on second chances to what can be finished for life raise while behind bars. 

The concepts of redemption and settlement are challenging, generally among genocide quarrel inmates. The church teaches that people should go to those they have wronged to right a situation, though that’s not always probable for these men. 

“In genocide row, a lot of times we discharge that eventuality since what has been finished is so gross that victims don’t wish contact,” Barlow said. “A lot of inmates understanding with a shame of not being means to determine and ask redemption for that sold thing that brought them to genocide row. That is a formidable thing from a clergyman perspective.”

There are tough days on a job, and Barlow and his mother purposefully chose to live about an hour divided in Indianapolis, so he’d have a separator between home and work. He uses his invert for request and reflection, holding time to applaud a triumphs and decompress from a struggles.

But notwithstanding a challenges, Barlow is right where he wants to be. 

“As a chaplain, we don’t feel like we go to work each day. we feel like we get a eventuality to do a passion that is only so fulfilling, not only for me though a people we get to correlate with on a day-to-day basis,” he said. 

Prison method work is intensely critical nonetheless mostly overlooked, and there’s a outrageous need for chaplains to take on those roles, Barlow said. 

“Men and women who are in prison, multitude tends to expel them off and forget them. They have families that are still lamentation a fact that a desired one has been distant from them. We are called to minister, to adore a children of God. Some of a people of God have finished bad things, though they’re still people, and they’re still children of God.”

The McAfee School of Theology during was founded 25 years ago on Mercer’s Atlanta campus. The Den will be pity alumni profiles via a year to symbol this miracle anniversary.

Jukabiea Barlow reads one of a McAfee School of Theology’s first beliefs during a school’s Founders’ Day eventuality in 2018.